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At TTG, we’re focused on helping all business types with merchant account services. Our partners offer EMV terminals, online credit card processing and are experts in setting up high risk merchant accounts.

U.S. Businesses – our partners offer low cost reliable EMV, NFC & online merchant account solutions for businesses located throughout the U.S.
U.S. High Risk Businesses – our partners work with all types of US high risk businesses, utilizing our many relationships with high risk domestic and offshore processing banks. This enables us to get virtually any business approved – at the most competitive rates in the industry.
International/Offshore Merchant Accounts – in addition to servicing US businesses, our partners also provide merchant accounts for international businesses. Our processing partners have expansive global banking relationships, enabling us to offer solutions worldwide.

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The Transaction Group (“TTG”) utilizes a network of industry professionals, with a combined 60 years of experience assisting U.S. and international merchants with their processing needs.

We understand that searching for a merchant account can be challenging. There are thousands of companies to choose from – some good, and others not so good. Selecting the right credit card merchant account provider for your business can be both time consuming and frustrating.

Here at TTG our mission is to educate you about the industry and place you with a provider that specifically fits the needs of you and your business. Read More

Many companies out there will claim that they can approve high risk and international accounts as well as those merchants with poor credit . But when push comes to shove, they still end up declining most of those applications.

But here at TTG, we have taken the time to do the research necessary to locate companies that specialize in approving bad credit, international and high risk merchants. We rigorously tested them to make sure they’ll actually approve the merchants they claim they will. As long as you are willing to fully complete the application process, then unless your business is illegal or you have a history of fraud, there is a very good chance we can get you approved.

And for our U.S. based merchants, we have partnered with PowerPay, a very established payment processor, to offer card processing hardware and software solutions, with no early termination fee. Since they don’t charge an early termination fee, they know that you can leave them at any time. So, by necessity, this motivates them to make sure all of their merchants have dependable service, receive strong support, and enjoy extremely competitive processing rates.

Whether you’re a home-based, mom & pop, Fortune 500 or international business, we are committed to providing you with a cost effective and dependable retail or internet merchant account solution.

We invite you to take your business to the next level. Apply Now to start accepting credit cards today, or call to inquire about how to take advantage of cheap credit card merchant account rates.

Thank you… and we wish you continued success.

Michael L. Rupkalvis, President
The Transaction Group

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