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Credit Card Processing for Multi-level Network Marketing | MLM

Legitimate and successful companies such as Avon, Amway, and Herbalife use multi level marketing as a strategy to promote and sell their products and services. (Referral marketing and network marketing are other terms that refer to MLM type businesses.)

Even though MLM businesses have been around since the mid 1940’s, they are still seen as possessing a ‘high risk’ nature. Due to this high risk label, it can be challenging for multilevel marketing businesses to obtain reliable credit card processing and merchant account services.

But we can help.

We specialize in setting up network marketing businesses so that you can process credit card transactions for starter kits; product sales; training materials; billing for minimum sales requirements; and membership fees.

We offer credit card processing solutions for both ecommerce and face to face network and multilevel marketing businesses.

If you’re not sure what type of solution you need, contact us today & we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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How Your MLM Business Model Affects Risk:

One of the primary variables which will affect the level of risk associated with processing credit and debit cards for use in your MLM business is typically your current ‘business model’. Exactly what can make up one’s business model?

  • the services you offer/ the merchandise you provide
  • specifically, how you promote & publicize your commercial enterprise
  • one’s service or product shipping procedures
  • the purchase price attached to your products or services

If your business model falls among the classifications which debit and credit card merchant account providers see as ‘risky’, you’ll want to arrange your processing account through a processor that welcomes merchants with higher risk business models.

Previous Processing History:

Should you happen to have a very good existing processing history, you will end up with a lot more power in relation to bargaining for credit card processing rates.

But even if your multilevel marketing company owns an unfavorable credit card processing profile, your business may still qualify for a merchant account, but it may be more of an undertaking to get approved. And in case you are fortunate enough to be approved, you’ll likely be subjected to a higher processing fee.

Other Risk Variables:

Additionally, the expected level of your chargebacks may well be a crucial facet related to figuring out the risk of your network marketing business. Other variables which often can influence the question of whether or not  your referral marketing operation could be evaluated as being high risk are your personal credit history, your selling systems, whether your products have a high average ticket price, and whether your products are membership based or utilize repeated billing options (as is usually the case with MLM businesses).

In addition to higher than average discount rates and fees, most high-risk merchant services impose extra conditions and terms on their high risk merchants. These may include payment delays, reserve periods, and limits on sales volume.

Your Next Step:

We understand the obstacles which multilevel marketers face when looking to locate credit card processing services. There are no cookie-cutter solutions in the high-risk merchant services sector, and so we have developed multiple associations with credit card processors. This helps to ensure that we can locate the most suitable service for your specific business.

To start processing credit cards today for your network marketing business, or to learn more with regards to getting an MLM merchant account, feel free to click on one of the links below:

U.S./Domestic MLM Businesses:  APPLY HERE.

International MLM businesses:  APPLY HERE.

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