"If you are not using TTG's recommended service provider, you are definitely leaving $$$ on the table."
-- Susan P. Peterson

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3 Things You Need to Know
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Credit Card Processing: 3 Crucial Questions When Selecting a Merchant Account

Will You Have to Pay a Monthly Minimum?

With TTG you won’t. Most credit card merchant account processors will charge a $25 Monthly Minimum – which means if you’re not processing around $1200 a month in Visa/MasterCard transactions, you can be charged an additional monthly fee up to $25 for your credit card processing. Learn more…

Do You Have to Sign a Long Term Contract or Pay a Cancellation Fee?

With TTG you won’t. Many credit card merchant account providers require you to sign a 2-3 year contract – and then if you cancel early for any reason, most will charge you a $200-$500 early termination fee. Learn more…

Do They Offer Cheap Credit Card Merchant Account / Credit Card Processing Rates?

TTG does. TTG’s recommended processor offers you some of the lowest rates in the industry. Check out the chart below to compare their rates with those commonly offered online or by your local bank.

Merchant Account Fees Industry Standard Your Rates
Application Fee $39 – $99 Waived
Qualified Internet Discount Rate 2.29% – 2.79% 2.10%
Qualified Retail Discount Rate 1.65% – 2.00% 1.75%
Per Transaction Fee $0.25  – $0.40 $0.20 – $0.25
AVS (Address Verification Fees) $0.10 Waived
Monthly Statement Fee $10 – $20 $10
Monthly Minimum $25 – $40 Waived
Contract Commitment 3 – 5 Years Month to Month
Cancellation Fee $300 – $500 Waived

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Welcome from the President of The Transaction Groupmiker2.png

The Transaction Group (“TTG”) is comprised of industry professionals, with a combined 40 years of experience in dealing with merchant accounts and credit card processing.

We understand that searching for a merchant account can be challenging. There are thousands of companies to choose from – some good and others not so good. Selecting the right credit card merchant account provider for your business can be time consuming and frustrating, as there are a lot of providers out there that won’t tell you the whole story.

Here at TTG our mission is to educate you about the industry and locate a provider that stands above the competition, based on their processing solutions, rates and customer service.

We have selected leading providers – what we believe are the top solutions for our U.S. merchants, our Canadian merchants and our high risk merchants respectively. For example, for American, lower risk type businesses, TTG recommends PowerPay, a leading provider of electronic payment solutions for businesses, located in Portland, Maine.

Unlike most other merchant account providers, PowerPay doesn’t make you sign any long term contracts or charge you a cancellation fee – so they know that you can leave them at any time. By necessity for their own survival and growth, this motivates them to make sure all of their merchants have dependable service, receive strong support, and enjoy extremely competitive credit card processing rates.

And since they don’t charge you any monthly minimums, they themselves only make money when your business succeeds and has customers purchasing your products or services using their credit cards.

Whether you’re a home-based business, a mom & pop operation, or a Fortune 500 company, our commitment to you and your business is to provide you with a cost effective and dependable retail or internet merchant account solution.

We invite you to take your business to the next level. Apply Now to start accepting credit cards today or call 888-383-8056 to inquire about how to take advantage of cheap credit card merchant account rates for credit card processing.

Thank you… and we wish you continued success.

Michael L. Rupkalvis, President
The Transaction Group

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