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AuthorizeNet and Ecommerce Shopping Carts

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

AuthorizeNet easily integrates with most ecommerce shopping carts.

Over 200,000 merchants use AuthorizeNet as their credit card processing online payment gateway.

Since Authorize Net is one of the most widely used gateways out there, most ecommerce shopping carts have taken steps to make sure their cart easily integrates with AuthorizeNet.

How do I integrate AuthorizeNet with my ecommerce shopping cart?

Go to the ecommerce or payment gateway section of your shopping cart. Your cart will probably ask for a API login ID and Transaction Key (or password). If your cart is asking for a password but not a transaction key, use the transaction key as the password.

How to obtain the API Login ID and Transaction Key?

If you have just set up a new AuthorizeNet account, you need to activate your account before you can obtain the API Login ID and Transaction Key.

– Login into Authorize Net
– Click on Settings Link (Account Section)
– Click on API Login ID/Transaction Key link (security settings section)
– Cut and paste both fields into your shopping cart and you should be ready for business!

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Michael L. Rupkalvis
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