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Wireless Credit Card Processing Solutions

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

The Transaction Group can assist you in finding the best wireless credit card processing solution for your business. We have many options available for merchants that need to process credit cards out in the field such as: dialpay, internet-based, WiFi, CDMA, and most other cell phone based technologies.

If you’re just starting out or you do very little credit card volume, a dialpay account is a great way to be able to process a wireless transaction using your cell phone. You simply dial a 1-800 number and key all of the information into the keypad on your cell phone; you’ll get an instant approval or decline code. The service is automated so it’s available 24/7. As your volume increases you can always upgrade to a wireless credit card terminal at a later date.

For more information about Dialpay wireless credit card processing click here:Dialpay

For more established or higher volume merchants that need a wireless credit card terminal as their processing solution, we have a great selection available. The Exadigm XD2000 wireless credit card terminal is an excellent solution for merchants that need to process indoors or outdoors. It has WiFi capability as well as CDMA (cell phone technology) so you are almost guaranteed to be able to get connected almost anywhere.

Wireless credit card terminals are the best solution, since you can take advantage of the convenience and savings of swiped transactions.

For more information about wireless credit card processing solutions call us TODAY at 888-383-8056 or click here:Wireless Credit Card Processing Solutions

Michael L. Rupkalvis
The Transaction Group

High Risk Merchant Accounts Information

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Many business owners run into a problem when they are trying to locate credit card processing services for their particular business, if the latter is classified as ‘high risk’ by merchant account providers. Examples of these types of restricted businesses include online pharmacies, travel agencies, telemarketers, ticket agencies, gambling websites and the like.

US/Domestic high risk business APPLY HERE.

International high risk businesses APPLY HERE.

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In order to assist these business owners, The Transaction Group has now established relationships with a select number of reputable high risk internet merchant account providers. Merchants seeking credit card processing services for high risk businesses can simple contact us and provide us with the particulars of their business. We will then review the supplied information and forward it to those of our high risk merchant account partners whom we think can best satisfy your needs.

We are also creating new web page resources for specific high risk businesses. The first of these deals with merchant accounts for websites in the adult products industry – interested business owners can click here for more information or to apply: Adult Merchant Accounts

We will be adding resource pages for other high risk businesses soon.