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Recent Merchant Account News

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

This past week I found three blog articles that may be of interest to online merchants:

Credit Card Terminal: Your iPhone Becomes a Checkout Stand – A new gadget by Inner Fence allows you to accept payments by credit cards directly on your iPhone or iPod touch, no matter where you are.

Privacy Policy Best Practices for eCommerce Merchants – Explains the value and importance of having a privacy policy whenever you are asking customers or clients to pay by credit card.

Merchant Services Chargeback Horror – One merchant’s view of why he likes PayPal for credit card processing, but a reputable internet merchant account can provide all the benefits of Paypal, and more.

I think you’ll find them of interest – so check them out.

Internet Marketing Program

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Along with its web hosting and website creation services, offers its clients internet marketing services that can help them create an abundance of traffic for their websites.

For our merchant account clients that own business websites, we believe that the marketing services can provide a wide variety of ways to get their sites visited by prospects.

These services, which go under the name Visibility Online, include search engine submissions, banner advertising, email marketing, visitor tracking tools, search engine marketing (online advertising) and customized lead generation.

Credit card processing clients also receive 30 minutes of free consultation each month, and’s customer service team are available to help with any questions that may arise.

By using the Visibility Online program, business owners can put their online marketing in the hands of seasoned professionals, and free up their own time to focus on managing their business.

For more information: Internet Marketing

Website Design by

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 is an internet leader in helping businesses around the globe create functional and attractive websites that attract customers and sales.

Two different website creation programs are offered to our credit card processing clients.

If you wish to build your own website, with minimal assistance, SiteBuilder will enable you to get your website live quickly and inexpensively. It employs a “wizard” to guide you through a step-by-step process to create your website, choosing from attractive templates that let you choose the best “look and feel” for its design. This easy approach works well for those who are new to website creation. You can get more information by clicking here: Create Your Own Website.

Your second option is to let build your website for you. The eWorks XL program involves professional website design by their web design specialists, and also includes a number of other features like internet marketing assistance, tools to help you track your website’s traffic, a trackable business phone number and an ecommerce solution that compatible with our merchant accounts. You can learn more here: Let Build Your Website.

You will find that provides you with excellent, low cost service for all of your website design requirements.