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What’s your merchant account descriptor?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Do you know what shows up on your customer’s credit card statement when you process their card with your merchant account? Processors use different terminology for this but its most commonly referred to as a merchant account descriptor, identifier, or short name.

One way to reduce the chance of future disputes or chargebacks is to make sure your descriptor is very clear and up to date. This way if one of your customers does not recognize a charge on one of their cards they can contact you directly vs. dispute the transaction with their issuer. Even if you win a dispute you may still incur additional fees so having a clear and up to date descriptor is critical.

For merchants with internet merchant accounts I recommend using your website address and phone number.

Example: TheTransactionGroup.Net 888-383-8056

For non eCommerce merchants your business name and phone should work just fine.

Example: The Transaction Group 888-383-8056

Some processors will limit the amount of characters you have for you descriptor so you might have to get creative.