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Small Business Merchant Services

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Small businesses don’t have huge budgets to operate on so it’s important they really keep an eye on expenses. The Transaction Group realizes how critical it is for all types of businesses to accept credit cards from their customers; this is why we offer cost-effective small business merchant services and solutions.

We don’t charge any type of application or set-up fees: Many merchant account companies will charge you an application or set-up fee which can range anywhere from $99-$300.

We waive the monthly minimum: Many processors will charge you a monthly minimum penalty of $25 in addition to their other monthly fees. This means a small business or new business could end up paying $50-$60 a month just in fees without even processing a single credit card transaction.

No annual merchant account fee: Many merchant services providers will charge you an annual fee that can range from $29 to $199. If someone gives you a terminal for free…be sure to ask about the annual fee. That’s normally where they recoup the cost of your “free” terminal.

No long term contracts or early termination fees: This is VERY IMPORTANT as many merchant services companies out there will charge you $200-$500 if you quit using their service before your merchant agreement with them expires. Most merchant agreements are a 2-3 year commitment so be sure to ask before you sign up. We feel so confident in our processing partners that they’ll provide you with great service & rates that we don’t need to hide behind an early termination fee.

Take your time and check out all of our cost effective small business credit card processing solutions. If you’re not sure what solution is best for you or have questions call us today at 1-888-383-8056 & we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

The Transaction Group strives to provide your business with the tools it needs to be competitive, as YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.

Credit Card Processing for Home Inspection Services

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

By the very nature of your business as a home inspector, you are required to meet with your clients away from your office. Now you can enjoy credit card processing for your home inspection services by having your clients pay you with their credit or debit card on the spot, right when you are inspecting their home.

No longer do you need to take checks, wait for them to clear, and deal with bounced checks.

The Transaction Group offers two great mobile credit card processing solutions for home inspectors:

1. Smartphone and IPhone Processing: Did you know that if you own a smartphone or an IPhone, you can use it to process credit and debit cards? So you can get paid immediately, no matter where your home inspection business takes you! Along with the secure processing solution, we will also provide you, at no cost, with a PowerPay merchant account into which your clients’ payments are deposited. For those home inspection businesses that have more than one inspector, you will be able to link all of their IPhones and smartphones together into one ‘master account’, so you can benefit from an enterprise level processing solution. You can learn more by viewing our IPhone/Smartphone webpage.

2. Process Using Wireless Hardware: Alternatively we also offer a variety of processing solutions that utilize wireless processing terminals. These too will allow you to accept client credit cards wherever your home inspection business takes you. Each is low cost, and they are extremely easy to use. Take a look at our wireless credit card terminals webpage and see how the Way Systems terminal, the Dejavoo M Line and the Nurit 8020 can help you with your mobile processing needs.

And of course, if you have a website for your home inspection business, we can set up an gateway solution that will allow you to process credit and debit cards online, right from your computer. Learn more at our internet processing webpage.

It gets even better. Most credit card processing companies will require that you pay them a monthly minimum fee, no matter how little you may actually process. But with The Transaction Group you’ll pay no monthly minimum. Moreover, unlike most of our competitors, we don’t tie you into a long term contract. Month to month is fine.

By the way, if your home inspection service already accepts credit cards, we invite you to check out what we can do for you. In most cases we will probably be able to offer you lower processing rates than those you presently pay, often as much as 20% lower. Just give us a call and we will prepare a rate plan for you, customized for your particular needs.

In order to learn more about how you as a home inspector can process credit cards, just give us a call (toll-free) at 888-383-8056.

Or if you are ready to start credit card processing in your home inspection business, simply fill out our brief application form online.

How to Accept Credit Cards Online

Friday, March 25th, 2011

In today’s competitive business environment it’s important for all businesses to take credit card payments from their customers; if you have an Internet business it’s critical you accept credit cards.

We’re going to explain how to accept credit cards online in this post. Setting up an Internet merchant account can be a very simple & easy process as long as you understand what you need to do and what will be expected of you.

In order to accept credit cards online you’ll need to set up 4 things. 1. Checking account for your business. 2. Merchant account. 3. Online payment gateway 4. Website to include terms and conditions.

Business checking account
Before you submit a merchant application you’re going to need to set up a checking account for your business. This account is where all of your credit card sales will be deposited and credit card processing fees will be debited. Most processors will allow you to use a personal checking account if your business is a sole proprietorship, as long as the person listed on the checks is the business owner. If your business is a corporation you must have a corporate checking account.

The processor will not accept a starter check so if you’re in a rush and can’t wait for printed checks, a signed letter from your bank will work fine. The letter should confirm the business name on the account, account and routing numbers.

Online payment gateway
Before signing a merchant contract check to be sure the processor is compatible with the online payment gateway you’re going to be using. If the processor uses an in-house payment gateway make sure it’s going to work with your shopping cart.

Merchant account application
If your business is a sole proprietor you’ll need to sign the merchant account paperwork. If the business is a corporation one of the owners or officers will need to sign. Whoever signs the paperwork will get their credit checked and should have a credit score of at least 600. Having a score below 600 won’t necessarily mean a decline but can make it more difficult to get approved. A corporation can get away without providing the signers personal info as long as they are willing to provide additional financial information.

Your website
Most processors will require your website to be live before they’ll review your merchant application for approval. In order to get approved your website will need the following info:
-product or service to include pricing
-shipping policy
-refund/return policy
-business contact information to include phone number

Our processor will approve your account without a live website. This is important because it allows you to set up your online payment gateway and test before going live. Very few processors do this.

Account approvals normally take 1-2 days. Once your Internet merchant account is approved you need to set up the online payment gateway. Most processors will do this for you. However, if you’re using a 3rd party now is the time to contact them. Once the payment gateway is setup you can link it to your shopping cart and go live!

Have additional questions about how to accept credit cards online? Call us today at 1-888-383-8056 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Credit Card Processing for Plumbing Contractors

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

As a plumbing contractor, you can now enjoy the convenience of having your customers pay you ‘at the job’, with their debit or credit card.

The Transaction Group (TTG) offers 3 types of specialized credit card processing services for plumbers:

Wireless Processing: We have a wide selection of wireless processing solutions for you to choose from, each allowing you to process your customer’s payment right from their home or business. These low cost, simple to use solutions include the Nurit 8020, the Dejavoo M Line, and the Way Systems wireless terminal. For more information visit our wireless credit card terminals page.

Process via Your Smartphone or IPhone: Now you can use your Smartphone or IPhone as a mobile credit card processing terminal, allowing you to accept credit card payments wherever your plumbing business takes you. This secure mobile processing solution utilizes a PowerPay merchant account with no set up fees. And if your plumbing business employs multiple plumbers, you can link all of their phones into one master account and enjoy an enterprise level solution. For more information visit our smart phone, Iphone credit card processing page.

Internet Payment Processing: If your plumbing business has a website, you can use its virtual terminal to authorize and accept credit and debit card payments from your customers. For more information visit our online credit card processing page.

Unlike other providers of merchant accounts and credit card processing services for plumbing professionals, with TTG you pay no monthly minimums, and more importantly, you are not tied into any long term contractual obligation. It’s simply a month-to-month relationship.

Additionally, if your plumbing business already processes credit cards, contact us and the chances are we can reduce what you are presently paying each month to process your credit card orders. We will create for you a customized rate plan, with savings of as much as 20% off of what you are currently paying each month.

To take advantage of any of our credit card processing solutions for plumbing contractors, simply contact us by phone (toll-free) at 888-383-8056. Or you can complete our short online application form.

Credit Card International Processing

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Need a high volume credit card international processing solution?

We have partnerships with industry-leading credit card processing banks all over the world. We can offer you a comprehensive suite of credit card processing solutions. Our credit card international processing solutions support over 150 currencies and are processed over a secure SSL PCI compliant connection.

Our unique services include:
-High volume-high risk merchant accounts for international businesses
-High volume-high risk offshore accounts for US businesses
-Multi currency conversion
-Currency management to include a web based reporting system
-Alternative payments such as direct debit

For more information about our credit card international processing solutions fill out our contact us form & we’ll follow up with you with-in 1 business day.

International businesses can apply online here.