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Pharmacy ATM Machine | ATM Lease for Pharmacies

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Statistics confirm that having a pharmacy ATM machine can significantly improve monthly sales revenues.

Almost all pharmacies (yours included probably) already utilize credit and debit card processing services to take advantage of their customers’ bank cards. So how then can having an ATM machine (whether leased or purchased) in your pharmacy help your business?

The Advantages of Pharmacy ATM Machines:

  • Your pharmacy earns a service fee (often two dollars or more) every single time a withdrawal of cash is made. This can amount to hundreds or even    thousands of dollars every month, just from the ATM service fee.
  • Your pharmacy ATM machine will attract new customers into your pharmacy, and with new customers come new sales.
  • Existing customers who utilize the ATM to withdraw cash have been shown to spend more dollars than those using their credit cards at the cash register.
  • Having customers use your ATM machine to get the cash to pay for their purchases in your pharmacy has another substantial benefit – namely, you won’t have to pay the fees associated with credit card processing.  You’ll make money from their use of their credit and debit cards, instead of having to pay merchant account fees.  And there won’t be any chargeback fees.

So your pharmacy will enjoy a new revenue stream, increased sales from existing customers, as well as lower credit card processing charges.

ATM Machines: Lease or Buy?

Select from a wide variety of ATM models, including the very popular Hyosung 1820SE.

You can choose either to lease or purchase your pharmacy’s ATM. Either way, you will enjoy an excellent warranty; free delivery, installation, signage & training; and reliable customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you choose the pharmacy ATM lease program, you can lease the machine for as little as 24 months, or up to 60 months. Whether you lease or buy, you can restock the machine with cash yourself (a process that takes only a few minutes) and maintain it, or you can contract out the restocking and maintenance. Either way you will enjoy all the benefits listed above. And for some pharmacies, we may be able to offer you a personalized program where you are supplied with a free ATM machine.

Contact Us Now:

Get started increasing your store’s sales – while creating an additional profit center – with your own pharmacy ATM machine.  Whether you choose to go with an ATM lease for your pharmacy, or purchase it outright, we are waiting to speak with you about your options and guide you towards the best solution for your particular business.

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ATM Machine | ATM Lease

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Here at The Transaction Group (TTG) we specialize in providing merchants with opportunities to accept payments from customers with debit and credit cards. While this includes card processing services and merchant accounts, we can also offer retail merchants a variety of ATM machine options. You can enjoy an ATM lease, or buy the machine outright.

How having an ATM machine can help your retail business:

•    You make money every time a visitor to your store withdraws cash from your ATM machine, whether or not they use their cash withdrawal to purchase your store’s products. Depending upon your store’s traffic, you can earn hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars monthly just from these cash withdrawals.
•    Your ATM machine will draw new customers into your retail store, increasing your store’s revenues.
•    Many customers who withdraw money from the ATM will spend more money in your store than otherwise, thereby increasing your sales revenue per customer.
•    If you also have a credit card processing terminal, the income you earn from your ATM lease or purchase can help offset the fees you pay to your processing company. And there are no chargebacks to worry about.

There really is no downside to having an ATM machine in your store.

The available options:

While there are a wide variety of ATM machine models available, most of our customers select the Hyosung 1820SE, whose state-of-the-art technology guarantees your customers fast and accurate transactions.

There are 2 basic ATM alternatives available to your business:

•    ATM Purchase – you buy the ATM outright, and restock the cash and maintain the machine yourself. This usually takes only a few minutes a month. With a purchase you generate revenue every time a withdrawal is made.
•    ATM Lease – as in a purchase, except you lease the machine for 24 to 60 months.

[Note: Depending on your situation, we also may be able to structure a personalized program for you based on your location and the traffic your store attracts. In some circumstances this might include a free ATM machine (you must have an established business with a minimum of 300 visitors a day)}.

Included in your ATM lease or purchase:

•    Free delivery
•    Free installation
•    Free training for you and your selected employees
•    Free signage, window decals and network logo stickers
•    Manufacturers parts and labor warranty
•    Toll-free 24/7 technical support

How to get started:

Our customer service representatives will be happy to speak with you to help you decide which ATM machine option works best for your particular business, whether it be an ATM lease, a purchase or other arrangement.

Simply give us a call today at 888-383-8056.

Or you can email us at

Process Credit Cards for Pharmacies | Pharmacy Merchant Account

Friday, September 9th, 2011

The Transaction Group (TTG) provides offshore processing solutions for US and international based pharmacies.

Historically, obtaining a merchant account for a pharmacy was a very challenging task.  Not only did the pharmacy have to locate a reputable off shore processor, but the business had to establish an offshore presence as well. That’s a heck of a lot of work to do before the pharmacy could even open for business.

But today, our processors allow online pharmacies to process off shore without having to set up a business presence offshore, as long as your monthly credit card processing volume is below $200,000. And once your pharmacy reaches $200,000 a month in credit card transactions, our processors will assist you in setting up an offshore presence.

At some point all high volume pharmacies will have to set up off shore, but it’s nice to know you don’t have to do that as a precondition of getting approved for your merchant account.

There are many other advantages that accompany our cost-friendly credit card processing solutions for pharmacies. For more information about our pharmacy merchant accounts for US and international businesses, or to get started now, click on the links below:

Pharmacies located in the USA:   APPLY HERE.

International Pharmacies:   APPLY HERE.

Or, fill out our ONLINE FORM if you have additional questions and would like to speak with someone about a merchant account for your pharmacy.

Processing Risks Regarding Pharmacies:

Perhaps the most important risk factor card processing companies examine when evaluating a merchant account application by a pharmacy is the capacity for charge backs the business might possibly generate. Why? Well the reason is that should a charge card service permit a merchant to persist in processing charge cards while having a significantly greater charge back ratio than meets the approval of the charge card associations, it could receive substantial fines. Besides that, if your drugstore incurs a great number of chargebacks and then cannot handle the ensuing debt, its processing financial institution is required to.

Other variables shaping whether or not a business venture will be called risky include the owner’s personal credit score, your sales procedures, higher than average pricing of products, as well as whether or not the sales model is subscription centered or possibly makes use of recurring payment methods.

For online pharmacies that are not new ventures, if your pharmacy already has an excellent processing track record, you will have much more control with regard to discussing processing rates with the merchant credit card issuer. Even though your business type is evaluated as being ‘risky’, you can still obtain competitive terms when your business venture has got a sound history. However, if your enterprise carries a weak credit card processing history, it may well be more of an undertaking to get approved. And of course, if your business is lucky enough to then get approved, you will likely be subjected to a higher processing rate.

On account of the larger chance of fraudulent behavior, a lot of drugstore merchant accounts contain additional stipulations which can include expanded fund transfer waiting times, security reserves, and limitations on sales pricing (not to mention increased rates and fees).

Your Next Step:

Here at TTG we understand the obstacles which decision makers encounter when looking at acquiring a reputable, cost-friendly merchant account for your pharmacy. Personalized relationships are important in the high-risk merchant services sector, and consequently we now have an array of connections with processing companies that will ensure that we are able to find the right merchant account to match your organization.

In order to commence processing credit cards today, or to find out more in regards to obtaining a merchant account for your pharmacy, you can simply click on the appropriate link below.

US/Domestic pharmacy credit card processing: APPLY HERE.

International pharmacy merchant accounts: APPLY HERE.

Want more information? Fill out our short ONLINE FORM.

Merchant Accounts for Furniture Stores

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Here at The Transaction Group (TTG) we provide merchant accounts for brick and mortar furniture stores as well as internet ecommerce sites.  We offer new furniture retailers and wholesalers extremely competitive rates and excellent client service. And for furniture stores that are already accepting credit cards, we can provide GREAT savings compared to your existing rates and fees.

With credit card processing, you give your customers the opportunity to pay for their furniture purchase over time, rather than with cash up front.

Click here to apply now

And because the average sales ticket for furniture outlets is typically much higher than for most merchants, to optimize sales your furniture store really needs to facilitate sales to customers who use their debit and credit cards, instead of having to pay with wads of cash.

Credit card processing with your merchant account also provides your furniture business with a number of additional benefits:

  • Research has shown that having a merchant account that allows you to accept credit and debit cards can increase your overall sales volume by thirty percent or more.
  • With their card in hand, customers are much more likely to be up sold on additional furniture purchases.
  • You have no concerns about bounced checks from customers.
  • By utilizing their credit card (instead of paying with cash) your customers have the added security of knowing that Visa and MasterCard may cover them in the event of merchant fraud or deceit.

At TTG, in addition to great client service and low fees for your furniture merchant account, we can provide you with a wide variety of credit card processing solutions, including processing terminals, wireless & smartphone solutions, as well as online processing for your website.

Get started today processing credit cards at your furniture outlet. You can Apply Now by completing our no obligation online form.

Or if you would like more information about finding a merchant account for your furniture store, simply give us a call at today.