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Internet Marketing Merchant Accounts for Online Businesses & Firms

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

As an internet marketer, you can go for months without processing more than a handful of transactions on your merchant account. And then, all of the sudden, your online business processes $500,000 in one day due to a new product launch.

This type of fluctuation in monthly processing volumes has caused many headaches for internet marketers. There’s nothing worse than running a successful campaign and product launch, only to have your funds ‘held’ by your processor. For some businesses this can be the kiss of death.

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Another challenge for internet marketers is the type of product your business offers. There are a lot of internet marketing firms that don’t sell a tangible product, but sell ebooks, “how to information”, or other digital products. Historically these types of products carry a ‘high risk’ label with processing banks, therefore making it much more difficult to get approved for a merchant account for their credit card processing needs.

At The Transaction Group we understand the challenges internet marketing merchants face when trying to locate affordable credit card processing services. This is why we’ve partnered up with a select number of reputable credit card processors that understand the internet marketing industry and their unique needs and sales cycles.

And not only do we offer internet merchant accounts for online marketing businesses, but we can also provide credit card terminals for marketing firms, and mobile solutions for the marketer on the go.

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Offshore Merchant Account | Off Shore Credit Card Processing

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Has your company faced challenges with a current provider or been turned down when trying to obtain a merchant account for your business?  If so, you’re not alone.  At The Transaction Group we have helped many businesses secure an offshore merchant account.  Off shore credit card processing is a solution for businesses that are considered high risk by sometimes overly conservative banks.

Businesses that are considered high risk include many ecommerce sites relating to adult material or adult entertainment, online gambling, travel agencies, internet auctions, online pharmacies, e-cigarettes and tobacco products.

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For these types of business, especially new businesses that don’t have a processing history, obtaining a merchant account in the high risk category can be frustrating.  The application process may seem never-ending as the banking underwriters comb through details of credit history, support documentation, and judge your business based on their values.

Being declined, contacting another provider, restarting the process again and again is overwhelming and exhausting. If you’ve experienced this from domestic providers, it’s time to apply for an offshore merchant account.

There are many benefits of an offshore merchant account that are not available to a domestic or local account, including the ability to approve merchants that have been placed on the TMF (terminated merchant file) list, or have poor credit.

Additional benefits include:
•    Few restrictions or limitations to business type
•    An easy application and approval process
•    Low tax or no tax on transactions
•    The ability and ease for worldwide transactions
•    Discreet transactions
•    Safe and secure processing
•    Instant payment on transactions

If your business is in the high risk category and you have turned down, recently shut down or are just getting off the ground we’d be happy to help.

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Credit Card Processing for Tattoo Shops, Parlors & Tattoo Artists

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

tattoo shop merchant accountDoes your Tattoo shop offer credit card processing to customers? If not, you should consider it. The Transaction Group provides credit card processing solutions for tattoo shops, parlors and tattoo artists.

With an estimated 20,000 tattoo parlors, the tattoo industry continues to grow and living art is becoming more mainstream and accepted. People get tattoos for various reasons. Often some thought goes into the decision and the artwork expresses individuality, but sometimes tattoos are simply impulse buys.

For many, tattoos are also addictive. Customers come back again and again to endure the sting for new artwork, additional work on existing tattoos, or color touch-ups to fading aging work.

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Credit card processing for tattoo shops is a payment option that will offer customers an added convenience to pay over time for what can be a large purchase. Is your tattoo shop missing an opportunity?

– Sales increases for business that offer credit card processing
– Credit cards are secure unlike checks
– Customers may choose additional work knowing they can pay later
– Increased impulse purchases by accepting credit cards

At The Transaction Group, we offer credit card processing terminals for tattoo parlors, smartphone credit card processing for the mobile tattoo artist, and Ecommerce credit card processing. Poor credit? Not a problem. We have banking partners that specialize in working with merchants that have challenges with their credit. Contact us for our low rates and excellent service.

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Forex Trading & Software: Merchant Accounts for Card Processing

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

It can be extremely difficult for forex trading firms to obtain card processing services so that they can accept debit and credit card payments from their customers. The same holds true for forex software developers seeking to be approved for a merchant account.

Why Forex is Considered ‘High Risk”:

Businesses in the forex niche are usually considered to be ‘high risk’ by processing companies. This can be because of a number of factors, including high monthly processing volumes, high average transaction amounts and above average chargebacks.

Here at The Transaction Group, we can help you locate the best merchant account and credit card processing service for your forex firm. We have partnered with a number of reputable high risk providers who are willing and capable of providing your firm with reliable processing.

Applying for a Forex Merchant Account is Easy:

Choosing the Right Processor:

Forex trading is probably the most time-dependent niche when it comes to credit card processing. If the processing company’s platform and software cannot keep up with the transactions in real time, the result for you is lost sales – and even lost clients. That’s why it is so important that you deal with a processing service that is established and reliable.

Our processing partners work with multiple banks that are committed to the forex industry, and who have a history of approving merchant accounts for forex firms (brokers, software developers, etc.).

They provide reliable payouts, and often require no ‘cap’ on your processing volume. And more than one hundred international currencies are supported.

Get Started:

We are well aware of the particular concerns that forex business owners face when looking at tracking down dependable credit card processing. One size doesn’t fit all in the high risk industry, and consequently we have established relationships with several high risk credit card processors so that we are able to identify the appropriate processor for your specific enterprise.

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