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Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Find a merchant account provider that offers the low ecommerce credit card processing rates you deserve and improve your bottom line!

The Transaction Group (TTG) is here to help.  TTG is a full service merchant account solutions provider with banking partners throughout the world.  Since we opened in 2004, we have assisted thousands of businesses in setting up merchant accounts to process payments on their websites.

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Whether you are just getting up and running or have been processing for years, we can save you money with a customized ecommerce credit card processing solution for your Internet business.

Unlike other processors, TTG also works with high risk businesses.  By having multiple banking partners, we are able to get virtually any legally operating business set up to take payments online.

Some high-risk e-commerce businesses we’ve helped include:

  • Financial consultants
  • Gun dealers (FFL)
  • Collection services & agencies
  • Ticket brokers
  • Travel & reservation services
  • Herbal supplements & diet pills retailers
  • Ebooks & software stores
  • Campaign fundraising & non-profit organizations
  • Online dating services
  • Adult websites & services
  • E Cig merchants

Have you been turned down because you are selling too much?  We have solutions for companies that have high volume and high ticket items.

Do you or the company’s principal have bad credit and as a result are having a hard time finding a solution? No problem.  We have the solution for you.

Our merchant accounts are easily integrated with any shopping cart and payment gateway.  With our efficient application and approval process, we can have your e commerce credit card processing account set up quickly so that may be able to start processing the same day.

TTG, A Leader in Internet Merchant Accounts

At TTG, we are developing a reputation as a leader in providing Internet merchant account services. Although we continue to grow, our focus remains on our customers.  That’s why we take the time from the start to find a solution specific to your needs, and let you know what to expect regarding all rates and fees.

It’s obvious to us through our many longstanding relationships with our merchants that excellent service paired with a quality solution is key.  We’re not happy unless you are satisfied with us.

If you are already processing and looking for a lower rate, let TTG provide you with a FREE RATE ANALYSIS.  Email your most recent statement to or fax it to 312-896-5628. We will follow up within 1 business day and show you how we can save you as much as 20% on your current rates and fees.

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Credit Card Processing Veterinary Care | Pet Doctor

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Offer credit card processing for the veterinary care you provide, and ease the pain for pet owners. The Transaction Group (TTG) has customized merchant account solutions for veterinarian offices at the lowest rates available.

We all love our pets, and cherish the happiness and companionship our furry friends bring to our lives. Generally we forget that emergencies can spring up requiring an immediate visit to the pet doctor.

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As a vet, your care is vital in these emergency situations. In non-emergencies, you keep our animals healthy and spry. There’s no question that pet owners can’t do without your veterinary services. And although costs are understandably what they are for animal care, there’s no denying that it’s not cheap. Rarely do pet owners have insurance to help cover these expenses.

With credit card processing at your veterinary hospital, you’ll offer peace of mind to pet owners. Owners will have the ability to pay in full by charging the bill to a card and paying off the card over time.

Since opening in 2004, TTG has assisted hundreds of veterinarian practices. Depending on your specific requirements, we will set you up with the right solution. From traditional terminals, to e-commerce, to wireless and smart phone merchant account solutions, we have it all!

Already Have Credit Card Processing at your Veterinary office?

If you already have a merchant account at your pet doctor office, and are shopping for a better rate, you’ve come to the right place. We can save you as much as 25% on your annual rates and fees!

Take advantage or our FREE RATE ANALYSIS by emailing your most recent statement to We will get back to you in 1 business day with an in-depth analysis.

Ready to get started? Click ‘Apply Now’. Want more information? Call us today! We look forward to serving you.

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