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International Merchant Accounts for Small Online Businesses

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

The Transaction Group (TTG) specializes in assisting international online businesses in setting up merchant account services at the most competitive rates available.

Since forming our corporation in 2004, we’ve helped many businesses throughout the world with their payment processing needs.

At TTG, we understand the challenges some businesses face when applying for and getting approved for merchant accounts. Many processing banks refuse to work with businesses classified as high risk or those that have a monthly transaction volume less than $50 thousand per month.

We don’t like to see businesses turned down by processors simply because those business do not fit what is deemed the ideal business model by these processors. That’s why we’ve built a streamlined program with one of our preferred banking partners.

Our unique program offers extremely fast approvals for online businesses that process less than $100 thousand per month. For standard, low risk businesses the approval is typically 1 to 2 business days.

Higher risk businesses still have a fast approval but may take slightly longer.

With the highest level of fraud protection, merchants have the ability to securely process major credit cards from over 130 countries and maintain peace-of-mind.

If you have a newly established online business that will process customers’ cards domestically or internationally, save yourself some aggravation from the start and contact TTG.

Sign up today and start operating cost effectively and efficiently with an online credit card processing solution from a TTG preferred partner.


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