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Card Processing for Fantasy Sports | League Merchant Account

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

fanstasy sports credit card processingPayment collection is easy for fantasy sports league managers with a credit card processing solution from The Transaction Group (TTG). Get set up to accept credit cards from your players now!

At TTG, we have been helping all types of businesses set up merchant account services for over 10 years. Although we are able to help all types of businesses, we specialize in high-risk industries. We have the industry knowledge, experience and banking partner to get nearly all businesses approved fast and easy.

Our banking partner is located in the U.S. (not offshore). Our rates are extremely competitive and you’ll never be hit with hidden fees. Don’t like long-term contracts? Neither do we. Our terms are on a flexible monthly schedule.

If you own or manage a fantasy football, baseball, golf, hockey or other league and need an alternative to cash and check payments, contact TTG. We’ll get your business set up to securely process credit cards as early as this week.

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Paypal shuts down “limits” accounts without valid reasons.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

PayPal shut my account down without a valid reason. I’ve had a PayPal account for over 10 years. I mainly used it to buy personal and business items (mostly off ebay) and have never done anything that would violate their terms and conditions.  That’s why I was completely shocked when I got this email from them yesterday:

Dear Michael Rupkalvis,

 PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy and credit card association rules, do not allow the use of the PayPal service as a funding method for payment processors to collect payments on behalf of merchants. Upon review of your account, it appears that you are offering an aggregation service that allows multiple merchants to process transactions through your account.

Allowing these merchants to process transactions through your account violates our Acceptable Use Policy.

 Your PayPal account has been permanently limited and there will be no appeals to the decision.

 While we wish you the best of success in your future business endeavors, we respectfully ask that you seek another method of payment for your online

business located on  



PayPal, Brand Risk Management

PayPal, an eBay Company

They are accusing me of using my PayPal account to collect payments on behalf of merchants (aggregation) and even stated they reviewed my account. If they would have actually taken 5 minutes to review my account, they would have seen that was not the case. If I was using my account to aggregate, there would be a bunch of incoming credits coming from individual accounts and a ton of outgoing credits going to businesses.

Here are screen shots of my last 2 months of PayPal transactions to show that’s far from the case. The only incoming credit the last 2 months was for $66.65 and was a commission payment for a mineral makeup product. Yeah right PayPal…I’m aggregating.


They shut my account down and made up an excuse. The website in question didn’t even have a link on it to PayPal.

They did the exact same thing to a nonprofit organization that we were helping with a site redesign. raises funds to control pet population in Central America by providing low cost spay and neuter services. Paypal shut their account down in March 2014 and accused them of committing fraud. They held their money, ran away and hid, and would not return phone calls or emails. Luckily, one of SNIP Foundation’s board of director’s lives in the town where PayPal operates and knew one of their executives so they were able to get their account reinstated.

I used to promote PayPal’s service to small businesses but not anymore.

Their business model is to approve everyone. Then once you start using your account that’s when they really take a close look at you. If for whatever reason they don’t like you, they’ll shut down your account, freeze your funds, and make up a reason for doing it.

Beware of PayPal! They will shut your account down without a valid reason and then run away and hide.

Michael L. Rupkalvis, President

The Transaction Group