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Adult Merchant Accounts | Adult Website Credit Card Processing

For those businesses in the adult products industry, searching for reliable and well-priced adult merchant accounts can be difficult.

Unlike most online businesses, for whom there is a seemingly countless selection of merchant account providers to choose from for their web site’s credit card processing needs, adult products are classified as ‘high risk’.

As a result there are far fewer merchant account providers willing to take on their adult website credit card processing needs. And many that are will charge extremely high discount rates and associated fees for their adult merchant accounts.

With this in mind, we have now partnered with a select number of reputable providers of merchant accounts for the adult industry.

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These companies can offer both standard merchant accounts, as well as third party solutions for those businesses which may not meet the requirements for a traditional merchant account.

Some of the features offered by our adult merchant account providers include:

  • as mentioned, both merchant-owned and third party solutions can be arranged.
  • adult merchant account solutions are available for those new to the adult industry,as well as for existing adult businesses with an established processing history. So if you are unhappy with the rates, terms or service being offered by your existing provider, our partners can probably help you with lower cost, better service solutions.
  • our providers solutions are usually quite flexible, and can be tailored to the specific needs of your adult website.
  • they offer very competitive discount rates and associated fees, so that your business can maximize its profitability, while keeping its product prices low.
  • the approval and set up time for your new adult merchant account is usually quite short, so the your adult website’s credit card processing can be up and running very quickly.
  • the providers use up-to-date and advanced gateways and fraud prevention software, to help ensure you can minimize fraud and chargeback issues.
  • they pride themselves on providing their adult merchant account clients with prompt and reliable service and support

Whether your adult web site’s credit card processing needs are centered around monthly membership fees with recurring billing, or on one time payments, our partners should be able to help you.

We also provide credit card processing solutions for Escorts and Escort Agencies.

Incidentally, if you are an adult website webmaster, a good resource for advice in creating and marketing your clients’ websites is All Star Webmasters .

US/Domestic adult business APPLY HERE.

International adult businesses APPLY HERE.

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