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What is Audit Protection and how to find Tax Protection Plans

My Audit Protection is a company that protects businesses and personal accounts from IRS Tax Audits. Members of myauditprotection.com pay a low monthly fee for this service guarantee. If the member is audited, a Tax Protection Specialists will represent that members account for the entire audit process!

Who is My Audit Protection for?

Audit Protection is for businesses or individuals personal income. There are thousands of reasons for being audited, which is our profession! This service is for people who do not want to worry about being audited and would like the protection (and peace of mind) that comes with Audit Protection Service.

What comes with Audit Protection?

Audit Tax Protection Plans includes ALL communication between the members account and the IRS agent. With Audit Protection, members will never need to meet with IRS agents.

Tax Protection Memberships include:

• Professional representation for your return in the event of an Audit

• Phone support & Tax Hotline for questions and concerns

• Tax Software and best practice assessment

• Schedule and attend all IRS appointments

• Handle all audit correspondence with the IRS

• Provides strategic plan for reducing audit process and penalties

How does Audit Protection Work?

When you get an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letter, a phone call from an IRS Agent or tax auditor, or are contacted in anyway regarding your tax return from the IRS or state taxing agency, an Tax Audit Protection specialist will represent you from that point forward!

Memberships start as low as $4.95 per month.

My Audit Protection professionals specialize in defending personal (individual income) or businesses tax returns in an IRS and/or state audit. Its important to protect yourself (or business) before an audit happens!

Becoming a audit protection member is easy. For membership details, click this link: Audit Protection