aurora illinois marijuana dispensary credit card processing


Aurora Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing

The cannabis industry in Illinois is experiencing incredible growth in recent years. Dispensary owners in large cities and even smaller cities like Aurora are serving more customers than ever. But despite the steady stream of new and established patrons, some of these businesses are facing challenges due to the fact that they do not have a Illinois marijuana credit card processing solution.

When the major credit card companies halted merchant account services to cannabis businesses in 2012, dispensaries were left with the only option to operate as cash-only businesses. Being forced to deal only with cash can lead to excess cash-on-hand for businesses. This is an unfavorable business practice from an accounting standpoint and welcomes danger and risk of theft.

The Transaction Group (TTG) realized quickly how these legally operating businesses were being impacted by the credit card companies. With our partners, we introduced an alternative option to help cannabis business move forward with the new challenges.

Merchant accounts or cash alternative payment solutions are also important for customers. These days, many people prefer to pay with debit and credit cards. One option for dispensaries to better cater to customers has been to have an onsite ATM. But with an ATM, the business must continually restock the machine. And the ATM does not alleviate the issue of excess cash on hand.

A credit card processing solution for an Illinois marijuana dispensary in Aurora allows customers to visit a retail store and make purchases without having to worry about carrying large amounts of cash and saves the business the hassle of an ATM. In addition, businesses have reported that customers that are given the option to pay with a debit or credit card tend to spend 15-20% more than when paying with cash. So, this value-added service to the customer is also a win win for the business.

Since we started offering our payment solution to industry businesses in 2012, The Transaction Group (TTG) has become a favorite of many cannabis dispensaries throughout the US. A major reason why dispensary owners love our solution is that there are no processing fees. This saves businesses thousands of dollars per month in merchant account fees. Also, the approval and setup process is incredibly fast and easy! In most cases, Illinois dispensaries can be set up with a solution in under 10 business days from the time of application.

Businesses that have TTG’s solution will have:

  • The ability to accept major credit cards and debit cards
  • No merchant processing fees
  • No reserves or holdbacks
  • Banking services
  • Online reporting

If you’re starting a marijuana dispensary in Aurora or have an established business with multiple Illinois locations, allow TTG to set your business up with the best credit card processing solution available. Contact us today to 888-383-8056 to learn more or get started today!