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Authorize Net Online Payment Gateway

Authorize Net is a browser based online payment gateway that has two primary functions:

  1. AuthorizeNet gives your website and/or shopping cart the ability to authorize and settle credit card transactions in a secure, real time environment.
  2. Authorize Net also has a virtual terminal feature that will allow you to manually process credit card transactions for phone, mail, and face-to-face orders.

Most major hosting companies and shopping cart providers are compatible with AuthorizeNet. It is critical that you make sure your website’s shopping cart/hosting company are compatible with the credit card processing solution you choose. The last thing you want to do is to set up a merchant account & online payment gateway only to find out they do not communicate properly.

The Transaction Group is a reseller for Authorize Net so even if you already have a internet merchant account and just need a online payment gateway, give us a call. We can set up AuthorizeNet accounts with most major processors.

Authorize Net Online Payment Gateway Features:

  • Browser based solution (you can access your account from any computer just as long as it has connectivity)
  • No install needed (takes only a couple of minutes to activate & you are up and running)
  • Live support 7 days a week (best gateway support – PERIOD!)
  • E-check service available (you can process checks, too)
  • Maintains a transaction history (you can easily search the database for old transactions if needed)
  • You can create multiple user logins.

How it works:


  1. Credit card transactions are submitted to AuthorizeNet via secure web connection, at POS, or manually using the virtual terminal.
  2. Authorize Net passes secure transaction information to Merchant’s processor.
  3. Merchant’s processor transmits the transaction information to Credit Card Interchange.
  4. Credit Card Interchange identifies the correct issuer and forwards the transaction information for processing.
  5. The issuer then approves or declines the transaction and if approved releases funds to Credit Card Interchange.
  6. Merchant processor receives transaction results from Credit Card Interchange.
  7. Transaction results are relayed from merchant ‘s processor to AuthorizeNet.
  8. Authorize Net then notifies the cardholder and/or merchant the results of the transaction and stores the information. (steps 1-8 take approx 2-3 seconds)
  9. Funds are transferred to the merchant’s processor, which are then deposited directly into the merchant’s checking account. (Visa/MasterCard usually take 2-3 business days; American Express and Discover 3-4 days)

Authorize Net Online Payment Gateway Support Information:

AuthorizeNet home page (http://www.authorize.net/)

Merchant Login (https://account.authorize.net/)

Developer Site (http://developer.authorize.net)

AuthorizeNet Phone Support: 877-447-3938 (7 days a week; 9am-9pm Eastern time)