Baltimore, MD Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing Payment Solutions

Baltimore, MD Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing

Welcome to The Transaction Group (TTG), a pioneer in delivering innovative business solutions worldwide since 2004. Our primary expertise lies in providing secure payment services, particularly for high-risk businesses. Notably, since 2011, we have been offering credit card processing services to marijuana dispensaries in the United States. We support the growth and success of dispensary owners in all cities, including Baltimore, Maryland.

We take great pride in offering cutting-edge credit card processing services to Maryland’s marijuana dispensary owners. Unfortunately there’s a surprising trend among both new and established cannabis businesses: some are operating solely on a cash-only basis, lacking the ability to accept debit or credit card payments. At TTG, we believe that these businesses are exposing themselves to unnecessary risks while also providing a disservice to their customers.

Our credit card processing solution not only ensures a safer store environment but also helps to minimize excess cash-on-hand for the business. And, the solution provides a valuable convenience to your customers. Imagine a customer walking into your store, freely making product selections without the burden of carrying large sums of cash. With our payment system, they can effortlessly make their purchases using their cards.

What is best about our solution is that there are no processing fees! This saves dispensaries thousands of dollars per month. And, just like a modern merchant account, our solution allows MD dispensaries to accept all major credit card brands, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Flexibility is at the core of our service, enabling face-to-face transactions at your retail location, over the phone, via text, or even online through your website. 

Getting set up with credit card processing services at your Baltimore, MD dispensary is easy, as we ensure a hassle-free experience for you. Once approved, we expedite the shipping of pre-programmed equipment to your Maryland dispensary. Simply plug in the terminal and connect it to your network, and you’ll be ready to start processing credit card payments right away. If needed, our dedicated professional staff will be with you every step of the way.

By partnering with TTG, Maryland dispensaries will have: 

  • the ability to accept all 4 major credit card brands, Google Pay & Apple Pay
  • a low-cost solution with no processing fees
  • no holdbacks or reserves
  • settlement in 3-5 days
  • online reporting
  • banking services available

Don’t miss out on this essential credit card processing solution for your Baltimore, Maryland marijuana dispensary. Contact us today at 888-383-8056 to get started. And, if you’re an agent looking to assist dispensaries in availing our services, we’d like to hear from you as well. Join the TTG family today and embrace the future of secure, convenient payment solutions for your cannabis business!