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The list below is a typical list of business we currently support. Should your business type not be listed below that chances are that we can still arange something for you. Simple e mail us and ask.

Dating and Escort Services:
This type of business is difficult to place because the benefits of the service are often misrepresented to the customer. Generally, this misrepresentation occurs through the promises made during registration (“You’ll meet your perfect match!”). This industry has a high rate of chargebacks according to VISA.

Outbound Telemarketing:
According to VISA, the highest rate of chargeback’s of any industry. Most disputes arise from the customers buying products based on the promised claims from the telemarketer. After receiving the product, the customer finds that the telemarketer misrepresented the benefits of the product.

Travel (Airlines, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Time Shares, Travel-Related Membership Clubs, Cruise Lines):
Reliance on future delivery of large-ticket items paid in advance and on multiple third party vendors to fulfill their obligation. Too many variables make it virtually impossible to adequately reserve against possible loss. Industry is not economically stable and generally experiences a high degree of customer dissatisfaction due to poor customer service.

Gambling (Includes Sweepstakes):
The societal issues involved in this business, especially as it pertains to the increase in personal bankruptcies, are reasons for its restriction. The bankruptcy issue has contributed significantly to losses in all Consumer Banking divisions in the United States . Additionally, Internet Gaming is illegal in the US and must reside outside of the US controlled soil.

International Marketing:
Most institutions who charter with the VISA/MASTERCARD associations do not allow them to process with companies with physical locations outside the U.S. Companies that market primarily outside the U.S. have a greater exposure to fraud because many of the tools used to prevent fraud do not work for International transactions when processed in the U.S.

Buying Clubs/Autoship Services (where fulfillment is by a 3rd party):
These services often misrepresent themselves to customers, who later find that they have been charged for products they did not want, or never ordered. This explains the high rate of chargebacks reported to VISA.

Adult Entertainment:
High chargebacks due to fraud. Conflicts with the moral policies of most United States chartered banking institutions.

Call Lines (including “Chat” and “Gossip” Lines):
High disputes due to intangible service that offers limited measurable value.

Horoscopes and Fortune Telling:
These types of businesses lend themselves to a high rate of chargebacks because of the implied or stated promises made by the business to the customer, who typically is dissatisfied with the outcome.

Digital Entertainment Software Downloads (including interactive games & music):
High rate of fraud as reported by VISA. As high as 50%.

Prescription Membership Plans:
High disputes as plans may misrepresent or imply greater than normal coverage at a lower cost than what is actually being provided.

Future and/or Delayed Delivery Merchants (ticket brokers, internet vitamin sales, home contractors):
Large exposure to loss. These types of businesses typically charge customers up front for work/product to be delivered later. Disputes arise based on either the work/service/product never being done/received or provided in a “less than expected” quality.

Merchants With More Than One Processor:
These circumstances can assist illegitimate merchants to perpetrate fraud by running one batch of transactions through multiple acquirers (processors). It also allows the merchant to “fly under the radar” of most monitoring systems by spreading their volume amongst the acquirers