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Cash Advance Business Loans & Funding for Contractors

Are you a contractor in need capital funding or financing for your construction or contracting business?

Finding a traditional business loan from a bank or lender can be a pain and if approved, can take time to fund. At The Transaction Group (TTG) we have a better option.

TTG is a business solutions provider that has been assisting businesses, including contractors, with credit card processing services for over a decade. We have expanded our service offerings to include business financing.

Together with our lending partners, we offer cash advance business loans to contractors and construction companies.

Cash Advance Business Loan Advantages

Cash Advance LoanWhile banks and lenders often have very strict approvals guidelines, we offer an easy application and approval process. Once approved, funds can be received in as little as 72 hours.

Often businesses are turned down for loans because the owner or principal has poor credit. With TTG, bad credit is not a problem. As long as the applicant’s credit score is above 480, we can help.

Our cash advance business loans are factored on the future sales of a contractor’s business, not the business’ assets. Repayment for our cash advance loans is a factor of monthly sales volume, not a set repayment schedule. This allows for increased flexibility, especially during months with lower sales volume.

As a contractor or construction company owner, you know the inner workings of your business better than anyone. You’ll have the opportunity to use the capital funding for any purpose that seems most appropriate (including. to purchase equipment or to pay down debt).

Call us at 888-383-8056 or email us at sales@thetransactiongroup.net to learn more about our cash advance business loans for contractors. We look forward to working with you.