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Credit Card Processing for Online Poker | Gambling Merchant Accounts

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

In recent years, it has been extremely difficult for owners of gaming sites to serve the U.S. online gambling community. Strict U.S. regulations have forced operators to go or stay offshore and ultimately pay higher rates with their gambling merchant account.

Locating dependable and affordable credit card processing for online poker and gambling websites has always been a challenge for new and existing businesses (U.S. or International).

A new interpretation of the Wire Act of 1961 has made wagering across state lines and across international borders legal. This deregulation will be a huge boost for the online gambling and poker industry.

At The Transaction Group (TTG), we regularly work with online gambling merchants, providing each with the best merchant account solution for their needs. We have strong banking partnerships both domestically and internationally and are able to secure competitive rates for all our high risk merchants.

If you are have a gaming site (U.S. or International), and need credit card processing for online poker and gambling transactions, TTG can help.

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Risk and the Online Gaming/Gambling Industry:

There are numerous variables that can define the level of risk relating to online gambling and gaming businesses. Processing service providers evaluate this type of business as high risk and charge higher rates and fees.

The greatest risk typically associated with high risk businesses is the ratio of charge backs by customers. If this amount exceeds the amount allowed by Visa and MasterCard, the processors will be hit with penalties. Processors therefore spread this risk to all merchants by requiring higher rates.

Other variables that have an effect on the determination of whether a particular business is high risk:

•    owner’s credit scoring
•    product or service offering
•    selling procedures
•    high ticket transactions

A solid processing track record will give you more leverage in negotiating rates with your merchant account provider. Even if your business is seen as risky, you can still secure excellent rates with a reasonable and untarnished history.

If your online gambling venture has a below average card processing history, you can still be approved, but  expect to pay a higher rate. For verification of processing history, the majority of processors usually require at least three months of bank processing statements before they will offer a rate.

On account of the more significant opportunity for fraudulent activity, the majority of high risk merchant accounts include supplementary provisions:

•    increased funding waiting times
•    security reserves
•    limits on volume as well as high tickets
•    increased rates and charges

High risk processors will offer programs  to help reduce potential fraudulent practices as well as charge backs. Take advantage of these options if possible. Over time, these services will lower the risk of your business to the processor.

Should the processing company determine that your risk factors are just too significant, it may decline your request for a merchant account.

Get Approved Now:

Here at TTG we understand the particular concerns that online poker and gambling enterprises confront when trying get a high risk merchant account. Personalized relationships are important in the high risk industry. We have a wide variety of  associations with processors in the U.S. and worldwide, and are able to find the best suited merchant service to match your business.

To set up credit card processing for online poker, a gambling merchant account for your online gaming site, or for more information about rates and service, simply click on the appropriate link below.

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Credit Card Processing for Car Sales | Used Auto Parts Merchant Account

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

The Transaction Group (TTG) offers a full range of merchant services for the auto parts industry and auto dealerships, including credit card processing for car sales.

Merchant accounts for car dealerships are becoming a more common option as they offer a convenient way for your customers to make the down payment on an auto purchase. The option for the customer to pay what might be a significant amount by credit card may be the difference in winning the sale and not.

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Merchant accounts for new and used auto parts stores, especially online stores are essential. If you a just getting up and running with your parts store and are in need of a used auto parts merchant account or if you’re simply looking for better rates for your established business, TTG can help.

Since 2004, TTG has been offering solutions for all types of businesses, including new and used auto dealerships and used auto parts resellers. Our experience, knowledge of the merchant account industry, and multiple banking partners allow us to provide the best rates available.

At TTG we strive for service excellence. Like you, we want our customers to be satisfied, and therefore consider the best and most cost effective solution for your business. We’ll take the time to answer all your questions and explain all fees and terms.

The application and approval process is easy and we’ll even walk you through it if you’d like.

If you’re ready to set credit card processing for car sales at your dealership, or set up an auto parts merchant account, fill out our online form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Credit Card Processing for Non Controlled Pharmacies | Drug Stores

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Traditionally businesses considered to be high risk by banks have a difficult time securing a merchant account. Credit card processing for non-controlled pharmacies fit this bill perfectly. Although non-controlled pharmacies are one of the fastest growing online businesses, getting up and running with credit card processing is not so fast. Newly established non-controlled pharmacies are finding out quickly that the road can be rocky.

Regardless of the fact that these businesses are legal and the medication for sale has been deemed safe by the US Food and Drug Administration, non-controlled pharmacies are listed in a special category and face many restrictions and specific terms. In addition, banks are wary of charge backs, scam sites, and safety in protecting personal and financial information.

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The Transaction Group (TTG) has been providing merchant account solutions for high risk businesses since 2004. We have banking partners throughout the world and are able to provide the best solution and best rates for your business. Credit card processing for non-controlled pharmacies is one of our specialties. We can help your non-controlled pharmacy reduce charge back liability and fraud through a variety of fraud protection and charge back prevention methods.

TTG can provide virtually unlimited monthly volumes. We provide our high volume merchants with a proprietary load balancing gateway that allows us to load multiple MID’s, or merchant accounts into one gateway. Your transactions will be automatically spread out across multiple merchant accounts, which allows for higher volume and reduced liability for funds being held in risk and reserve.

We also provide a “soft call” verification program for our online pharmacies that can virtually eliminate fraud issues. Our processing department will contact every customer and verify the shipping and billing addresses. The simple, non-intrusive verification process ensures that your online pharmacy will not be the victim of fraud.

If you are just starting your non-controlled pharmacy, facing challenges obtaining a merchant account, or simply looking for better rates, TTG can help.

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MMJ Dispensary Merchant Services | Medical Marijuana Processing

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Banks nationwide are struggling with the dilemma of offering vendors of medical marijuana credit card processing.  Not only do such businesses find it difficult to get needed credit card services, they also face challenges opening simple bank accounts.  Due to the conflict between state laws, which have legalized the sale of medical marijuana, and federal laws, which prohibit it, both banks and merchants are left in limbo.

Illegal or Not?

The question of legality is one that is currently being addressed in Colorado and California.  Rep. Jared Polis, D-CO and fourteen other members of Congress have appealed to Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary, to provide reassurance for financial institutions.  Additionally, Ron Paul, R-TX, and Barney Frank, D-MA, have cosponsored a bill to repeal laws making the use of medical marijuana illegal.

No statement has been issued by the office of the Treasury in response to the letter and the bill has not yet made it to the floor for debate.  As such, federal law remains in place, leaving both banks and businesses waiting for a resolution.

Looking Beyond the Banks

Of course, no niche is left untapped for long.  Even if banks aren’t willing to step out on a legal limb, there are other solutions available for businesses that are considered too high risk.

At The Transaction Group, we have a solution in place for medical marijuana credit card processing, allowing dispensaries to accept card payments.  The many dispensaries that we have already set up with this solution love it for the low rates, no credit check, and easy approval and set up.

Customers enjoy the convenience of paying with a card. Keep this option available to them at your dispensary.

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Credit Card Processing for Tattoo Shops, Parlors & Tattoo Artists

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

tattoo shop merchant accountDoes your Tattoo shop offer credit card processing to customers? If not, you should consider it. The Transaction Group provides credit card processing solutions for tattoo shops, parlors and tattoo artists.

With an estimated 20,000 tattoo parlors, the tattoo industry continues to grow and living art is becoming more mainstream and accepted. People get tattoos for various reasons. Often some thought goes into the decision and the artwork expresses individuality, but sometimes tattoos are simply impulse buys.

For many, tattoos are also addictive. Customers come back again and again to endure the sting for new artwork, additional work on existing tattoos, or color touch-ups to fading aging work.

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Credit card processing for tattoo shops is a payment option that will offer customers an added convenience to pay over time for what can be a large purchase. Is your tattoo shop missing an opportunity?

– Sales increases for business that offer credit card processing
– Credit cards are secure unlike checks
– Customers may choose additional work knowing they can pay later
– Increased impulse purchases by accepting credit cards

At The Transaction Group, we offer credit card processing terminals for tattoo parlors, smartphone credit card processing for the mobile tattoo artist, and Ecommerce credit card processing. Poor credit? Not a problem. We have banking partners that specialize in working with merchants that have challenges with their credit. Contact us for our low rates and excellent service.

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