chicago marijuana dispensary credit card processing services

Chicago Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing

The medical and recreational marijuana industry is experiencing explosive growth in Illinois. Dispensary owners in all cities, especially major cities like Chicago, are seeing steady growth and are proud to be serving a new customer segment as cannabis becomes more widely accepted for its health benefits. While business is booming, setting up credit card processing payment services is one challenge that business owners continue to face.

In July 2012, the major credit card companies pulled the plug on traditional merchant accounts for Ilinois cannabis dispensaries. Businesses had accounts shut down and were left with the only option to operate as cash-only. This excess cash on hand leads to more challenging bookkeeping and increased risk of the robbery.

Without a merchant account or alternative payment solution, businesses as well as customers suffer. Cash-only can be a disservice, as customers have revealed that they prefer not to carry large amounts of cash to a retail location to purchase their products. Businesses have the option to install an ATM in their location, but then there’s the hassle of stocking the machine with cash, and it does not cut down on the cash flowing through the business.

Thankfully, The Transaction Group (TTG) has a credit card processing solution. And we’ve been offering our solution to Illinois dispensary owners since 2012. Unfortunately new, and even established marijuana dispensaries in Chicago continue to operate as cash-only simply because they don’t realize that there is another option. TTG is here to help all dispensary owners get set up with the best solution available; The solution that is utilized by many cannabis businesses throughout the United States.

With TTG’s solution, it’s a win for the business as well as a win for the customer. Customers love having the freedom to pay with a debit or credit card. In fact, they tend to spend up to 20% more given this option over having to pay with cash. Ilinois Dispensaries love that the solution helps to alleviate excess cash-on-hand but love it even more so because the solution is extremely inexpensive and has zero processing fees!

Getting set up with a credit card processing solution for any Chicago, IL marijuana dispensary is smooth and easy. Our streamlined application and quick approval process enables most dispensaries to start accepting cards in under 10 days.

With TTG’s solution, you’ll get:

  • The ability to accept major credit cards and debit cards
  • No processing fees
  • No reserves or holdbacks
  • Banking services
  • Online reporting

Find out why so many cannabis dispensary owners in states throughout the US prefer TTG’s credit card processing solution. Whether you are just opening a retail marijuana store in Chicago or have an established business with multiple locations in Illinois, we’d love to help. Contact us today to 888-383-8056 to learn more or get started today!