columbia md marijuana dispensary credit card processing

Columbia, MD Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing

Are you at the helm of a medical or recreational marijuana dispensary in Columbia, Maryland? Are you actively seeking merchant account services that seamlessly handle debit and credit card transactions? Look no further, for The Transaction Group (TTG) presents the solution you’ve been seeking.

Since 2011, TTG has been at the vanguard of empowering the cannabis industry through innovative financial services and cutting-edge payment solutions. Together with our esteemed banking partners, we offer a reliable avenue for MD marijuana dispensaries to effortlessly handle debit and credit card transactions from their customers.

If you are just starting your business and need a solution or if you have an established operation and are operating as cash-only, it’s time to change! Our credit card processing solution for marijuana dispensaries in Columbia operates much like a traditional merchant account. And, it is more favored than cash transactions by dispensary owners as well as patrons.

This solution rectifies the risk and inconvenience of customers needing to carry substantial cash amounts or make tedious trips to ATMs to facilitate their desired purchases. Statistically, by furnishing the option to pay via debit or credit cards, it has been reported that patrons are more inclined to spend more on their purchases. Therefore, providing this option ultimately boosts the dispensary’s sales revenue. In addition, it reduces the excess cash-on-hand to the business. It’s a win win!

Cannabis dispensaries that incorporate our merchant account solution will quickly learn how easy it is to process transactions through our state-of-the-art encrypted credit card processing hardware. The solution enables the business to take cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay just like conventional debit or credit card transactions. Upon swift completion of the checkout process, the customer leaves happy.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to our solution over traditional merchant accounts is the low cost to implement. While high risk merchant accounts have rates of 5% or higher, there is no processing fee with our solution. This saves dispensaries thousands of dollars per month in fees!

We offer a streamlined application approval process and expedited shipping of equipment. The pre-programmed equipment will simply need to be plugged in and connected to wifi or hardwired for an internet connection. Typically, Columbia dispensaries can expect to be operational and processing credit cards within 7 business days.

Advantages to our solution include:

  • No holdbacks or reserves
  • Ability to accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Seamless access to online reporting
  • No processing fees
  • Settlement finalized within 3-5 days

If you thought the only option for your Columbia, MD cannabis business was to operate as cash-only, TTG is here to tell you otherwise. Contact us at 888-383-8056 to install the best payment processing solution for your marijuana business in Maryland.