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Are your customers ready to step aboard and sail away to exotic locales and port o’ calls?  Make it easier for them to book their adventure of a lifetime by offering credit card processing for your sailboat or yacht charter service.

An industry leader, The Transaction Group (TTG) provides merchant account solutions to businesses throughout the world, including yacht, sailing and cruise charters.  Just as your customers have a plethora of choices for their getaway as well as specific needs, we understand that you do to.

When it comes to merchant accounts, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.  At TTG, we take the time to determine what solution is best for your business model and present you with a customized credit card processing solution based on your specific needs for your charter business.


In addition to boarding merchant accounts for boat charters, we set up businesses that deal in high ticket items.  Boat and yacht sales certainly fit this mold.  Some customers have the luxury of making Titanic-sized purchases with a credit card, while others rely on a credit card to cover dinghy-sized down payments, which may be significant for them.

Regardless of the level of affluence of your clients or the color of their credit card, they all enjoy the simplicity and convenience that credit card processing for high priced goods like boats or yachts offers.

If you have a boat dealership you may be used to working with banks to set up financing and accepting cash and check downpayments from customers.  By offering credit card processing for your boat sales, you are offering a value-added service to your customers.  Not only will they have peace-of-mind through the ability to pay the balance at their leisure, they may also reap the benefits from their rewards cards.

The Right Solution for Your Business

Sailing and yacht charters typically have a few processing solutions in place, based on several factors such as booking volume, last minute walk up charters, or website reservations.

Agents for charter businesses handling customer phone calls for reservations need the ability to process credit cards while on the phone.  When the customer provides the card number, the agent will key it in at that moment on a terminal or computer.

Some charters take face-to-face payments at their reservations desk using a traditional terminal, or even dockside using a smart-phone credit card processing device.

Yet others take reservations and payments on a website utilizing an e-commerce style payment processing solution.

Boat dealerships usually only require a traditional terminal to process downpayments for sales.  Wireless terminals can be utilized to accept payments at boat shows or other events when wi-fi Internet access is available.

The TTG Difference

TTG believes that lifestyle is important and we are strong supporters of businesses that make all of our lives more enjoyable and happy.  We, in turn, strive to make sure our merchants are happy with the solution we provide and judge our success by our merchants’ satisfaction.

With our established banking relationships around the globe, we are able to provide the most competitive rates in the industry.  If you already have a merchant account for your yacht charter business or boat dealership and shopping for a better rate, we can help.

Take advantage of our FREE RATE ANALYSIS by sending a recent processing statement to sales@thetransactiongroup.net or fax it to 312-896-5628 and we’ll follow up in 1 business day with a solution that can save you as much as 20% on your current processing fees.

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