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Credit Card Processing Cannabis Seeds | Marijuana Seed Banks

seed bank credit card processing Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not impossible for cannabis seed resellers to get approved for credit card processing.

If you are the owner or manager of a marijuana seed bank looking for a credit card processing solution to sell your cannabis seeds online, The Transaction Group (TTG) can help.

As a full-service solution provider, we have assisted businesses throughout the world in getting set up with merchant accounts including cannabis or marijuana seed banks.

We have banking partners that specialize in high risk merchant accounts that are understanding and sympathetic to the challenges marijuana related businesses face.

We work with businesses in the U.S. as well as other countries throughout the world. As long as your cannabis seed distributor business is a legally operating entity in your country, our partners will approve your business.

With an ecommerce credit card processing solution you’ll have the ability to sell your cannabis seeds to a global customer base. Your customers can easily and securely provide payment though your online shopping cart.

TTG merchant accounts are easily integrated virtually any online shopping cart and payment gateway and are PCI compliant. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your seed bank business as well as your customers’ information is protected against fraudulent activity.

Start your application now by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button. We look forward to serving you!