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These days, it’s essential for florists to have credit card processing capabilities at their flower shops. If you don’t have a merchant account at your floral business, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses. You could be missing out on potential sales.

With our unmatched service and low rates, The Transaction Group (TTG) will help your business bloom. We offer a variety of credit card processing solutions, arranged specifically for each flower shop.

If your floral business is a traditional brick and mortar store, a simple terminal will give you the ability to swipe customers’ cards. Typically, customers are more inclined to spend more when paying with a credit card; therefore, up-selling your customers into the arrangement they really want, is effortless.

In the age of the Internet, many flower shops are utilizing their websites for more than just making their store visible locally and providing location and hours of operation. Florists can display beautiful photos of popular arrangements and vase options, keeping decision making easy for customers.

With an ecommerce merchant account, florists can boost sales by offering customers the convenience of selecting flowers online, adding the order to the shopping cart and paying through a secure payment gateway.

Although on many occasions, customers choose to prepay for floral arrangements and enjoy the element of surprising a friend or loved one, there are times when the ability to pay at the time of delivery comes in handy. With a mobile merchant account, arrangements for special events or parties can be paid for upon delivery.

Having a smart phone credit card processing solution for your flower shop allows your delivery staff to swipe customers’ cards through an iPhone or smart phone on the spot, whether it’s a beach side wedding or graduation ceremony on the high school football field.

Already have a Merchant Account for your Flower Shop?

If you are a florist that currently has a merchant account at your business, TTG can help you too. Take advantage of our FREE RATE ANALYSIS by emailing your recent statement to sales@thetransactiongroup.net or faxing it to 312-896-5628. We will get back to you within 1 business day and show you how we can save you as much as 25% on your current rates and fees.

Since 2004, TTG has been helping businesses throughout the country establish merchant services, and has enjoyed seeing many of the merchants we’ve helped, prosper. Although we are a humble company, we are proud both of our reputation as an industry leader and our continued growth. Allow us to help your flower shop blossom.

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