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EMV Merchant Account for Food Trucks & Carts

merchant account food truckDo you have a emv credit card processing solution in place for your food truck?

Food trucks, carts and mobile concession stands are quickly becoming great businesses in cities throughout the United States. Consumers have lost their appetite for fast food restaurant chains, so creative and innovative chefs are literally rolling out their businesses to the masses.

Aspiring chefs are now able to introduce their own dishes without having to invest in opening a restaurant. Although the revolution is well underway, many of these new start-ups are missing out by not having a credit card processing solution in place in their food truck.

These days, most of us prefer to pay by credit card. Paying with plastic is easy and convenient, and has become a standard in this country. Food trucks that are operating as cash-only businesses are missing a key ingredient in their overall operation’s recipe.

The mobile aspect of this industry makes it necessary to have a mobile card reader in order to take credit and debit card payments from customers. 


 Payment Processing Options for Food Trucks

At The Transaction Group (TTG), we have a couple of options that work well for food truck owners or mobile concession stands and carts.

Smart Phone devices allow merchants to swipe and process customer debit and credit cards wherever there is a cellular signal, making them an excellent option.

We also have mobile credit card processing terminals that operate on a cellular signal. This solution is more of a traditional card processing solution in which terminals are equiped with receipt printers.

And our mobile credit card terminals are EMV & NFC Chip & PIN ready, so that all food truck and concession stands using this mobile terminals will be EMV compliant in 2015.

Get a Bite of the Action Today!

chefAre you hungry to accept credit cards at your food truck business? Are you getting chomped by another processing provider’s high rates and hidden fees?

At TTG, we help all types of businesses to set up merchant accounts, including mobile food concession stands.

Whether you are just starting your business and have no processing history, or have an existing merchant account but are shopping for better rates, we’re here for you. We also gladly work with business owners that have poor credit.

Since establishing our business in 2004, we’ve helped thousands of businesses to secure the best rates and save money on merchant account services. With our industry experience, expertise and banking relationships, we can ensure that our merchants are in good hands.

We have a fast and easy application and approval process so that you can be set up to take credit cards in your food truck in just a few business days.

For a limited time, we’re offering a FREE EMV credit card terminal with a merchant account placement. A $500 value!

Click here to get started today with a mobile credit card processing solution for your food truck or culinary concession stand from TTG!



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