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Credit Card Processing for Donations | Fundraising Campaigns

Ever consider credit card processing for donations to your non-profit organization or campaign fundraiser? Start now with The Transaction Group (TTG) and quit losing out on potential donors.

There’s no question that nonprofit organizations and political party fundraising campaigns rely on generous gifts from individuals and companies to support their cause. Make the most of your booster or fundraiser efforts and set up a merchant account today!

 Boost Your Revenue with Credit Card Processing for Donations

Traditionally, most gifts are provided in the form of check from a personal or business bank account. These days, however, fewer people actually carry their checkbooks and often prefer to pay for everything with a credit card. Rewards cards provide perks that make using a card not only convenient, but as the term implies, rewarding. If you offer the option to accept card payments, many will jump at the opportunity.

Processing Based On Your Needs

Getting set up with a merchant account is the first step to electronic donations. It’s fast and easy and we’ll walk you through it and set your expectations. Your merchant account will be based on your specific needs. If your raise funds annually, semi-annually, quarterly or even seasonally, we can set up your account so that you’re not paying when you’re not processing.

Once your merchant account is set up, there are various ways that you can use it to your advantage:

–  Over the Phone

Phone-driven fundraising campaigns are extremely popular. Donors are able to provide gifts via credit cards without there being a card  present. The non-profit staff will simply key in the card numbers to complete the transaction.

–  Online

If you have a website that drives awareness to your non-profit, political campaign or other cause, it’s an excellent platform for soliciting donations. Your donors can conveniently and securely submit gifts through a payment gateway. With your online merchant account, funds are deposited into your bank account within 48 hours – much faster than receiving checks in the mail and processing them through your bank.

–  At Events

Fundraising events can usually generate a lot of awareness for a cause or political campaign and help to earn donations from attendees. The ability to accept donations on site is possible with a few different options, including wireless and smart phone.

With wireless processing, you have the ability to swipe or key in transactions through a wireless terminal where a wi-fi connection is available. With Smart Phone processing, you have the ability to swipe transactions through an attachment to an iPhone or other smart phone.

Why Not Use 3rd Party Processors?

While third party processors like Pay Pal and Network for Good have become popular for non-profits to receive credit card donations because of their ease of set up and use, they have some disadvantages.

One of the biggest complaints is that the donation receipt does not show the name of the non-profit, providing no tracking or proof.

Another limiting factor is the lag time in receiving funds for donations.

Also, even though they are known for low transactions fees, 3rd party processors are not much less expensive than a traditional merchant account, and are actually higher in some cases.

TTG, a Leader in Merchant Services

Here at TTG, we strive for service excellence, and pride ourselves on long-term merchant satisfaction.  We’ll take the time to go over the types of fees that may be applicable to your specific account, letting you know what you can expect. We’ll even walk you through the entire application if you’d like.

With no set up fees and extremely competitive industry rates, TTG is an excellent choice for credit card processing for donations. Get started today!