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Credit Card Processing for Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado should set up credit card processing solutions now, and take advantage of the major upswing in business due to the recreational market for cannabis.

The states of Colorado and Washington and its citizens have made great strides in the legalization of marijuana for recreation. Although the sale of medical marijuana was passed into law in 2000, it wasn’t until November 2012 that recreational marijuana use was legalized in Colorado.

As of January 1st, 2014, purchasing cannabis for recreational use is available at state-licensed marijuana retailers or dispensaries.

Card Processing Solutions for Marijuana Dispensaries

Do you have a credit card processing solution for marijuana in place at ystate-flag-colorado-1our Colorado dispensary? If not, you may be losing out on potential sales.

Why turn away customers simply because your business is set up as cash-only? Take debit and credit cards at your marijuana dispensary with a credit card processing solution from The Transaction Group (TTG).

Accepting credit cards offers an added service to your customers and decreases total cash on hand, lessening the risk of theft to a business.

At TTG, we have been serving the mmj community for several years. Since 2010, we’ve helped set up credit card processing services for the medical marijuana industry in many states throughout the US. We are excited about the progress Colorado has made regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana, and hope to help retailers better serve their customers.

We have multiple options available to meet the needs of all business types, including retail location and delivery services. You’ll have the ability to accept credit cards at your brick-and-mortar dispensary, or on a delivery.

You won’t believe how low your rates and fees will be. The approval process is fast and easy and you can have your marijuana dispensary in Colorado set up to take credit cards in just a few business days!

Dispensary Business Loans

Is your dispensary in need of a business loan? Don’t waste time trying to get a loan from a bank that will likely decline your business.

TTG and our banking partners offer a unique cash advance business loan to marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. With our program, funding is based on the dispensary’s monthly sales volume and there is no set repayment schedule. Repayment terms are extremely flexible and the approval process is easy! Learn more here.

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