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Credit Card Processing for Marijuana Dispensaries in Washington

Do you need a credit card processing solution for your recreational marijuana dispensary in Washington State? Allow The Transaction Group (TTG) to help.

TTG provides all types of business services to companies throughout the world. We specialize in helping businesses accept credit cards, and have been active in the medical marijuana industry in states throughout the US since 2010.

Marijuana use for recreation by anyone older than 21 was passed into law last year in both Washington State and Colorado.

Card Processing For Marijuana Dispensaries

Washington-mmj-merchant-servicesTogether with our banking partners, TTG now offers credit card processing services to marijuana dispensaries in Washington State and Colorado that sell medical and recreational cannabis.

With the commencement of sales for recreational marijuana in Colorado on January 1st, 2014, dispensaries experienced huge surges in business. Although increased sales in medical and recreational cannabis is a good thing, dispensaries that operate on a cash-only basis face additional challenges. Operating as a cash-only marijuana dispensary not only serves as an inconvenience to customers, but also places increased risks on the business and employees.

Get set up with a solution for your dispensary in Washington now so that when sales for recreational marijuana begin this year, you’ll be ready to take credit card payments from customers.

Your rates and fees are very low, and you can take advantage of both retail and delivery solutions.

Business Loans for Marijuana Dispensaries

We know how difficult relations between dispensaries and banks can be. Even legally operating businesses can find it impossible to get approved for a loan.

TTG can assist you in obtaining cash advance business loans for your marijuana dispensary through a unique program. Your cash advance loan funding is based on monthly sales volume of your business, and there is no set repayment schedule.

If your marijuana dispensary in Washington is in need of capital to expand operations or purchase equipment, try a cash advance loan. Approval is fast and easy. Read more here.

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Whether you need a credit card processing solution or business loan for your marijuana dispensary in Washington, we’d be happy to assist.

Call us today at 888-383-8056 or email us at sales@thetransactiongroup.com to learn more. We look forward to serving you!