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Credit Card Processing for Parking Garages & Multispace Meters

The Transaction Group offers secure credit card processing solutions for all types of businesses, including municipal parking garages and multi-space parking meters. We can quickly respond to your RFP (request for proposal), offering easy set up in addition to low rates.

Parking Garage Merchant Account

The technology for credit card processing for parking garages is nothing new. Parking authorities throughout North America have been using merchant accounts for years to allow customers the convenience of an alternative to cash payments.

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In 2010, new security standards were imposed on credit card processors with a goal to protect the integrity of sensitive card data. Although a breach occurred in a New York City garage in early 2012 in which thousands of cards may have been compromised, Visa reminded cardholders that they are protected against fraud with their zero liability fraud protection policy.

Despite this situation, parking businesses and city owned garages are considered low risk operations by processing banks, and the advantages of taking credit card payments outweigh the negative aspects.

Merchant Accounts for Parking Meters

These days, it seems that every government entity in America is trying to operate as lean as possible. Although it’s unfortunate that some jobs are being replaced with technology, when it comes to tax payer dollars, cost efficiency is of primary importance.

Municipalities throughout the United States are starting to employ technology rather than personnel for simple tasks, such as the use of credit card processing for parking meters. Unlike the old style mechanical meters, these fully electrical meters are multi-space or control multiple spots on a block. Some cities and even small towns like Park City, Utah have been using this technology for several years, while others are just getting their feet wet.

The initial implementation of card reading meters can require a significant investment in terminals and units to house the equipment on the street. However, the benefits and cost savings add up quickly. In addition to the convenience to users, the digital meters out-perform mechanical meters. These modern meters employ a merchant account and work off of a wireless signal. They have the capability to automatically report problems so they are not out of service for any significant period of time.

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