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Credit Card Processing for Schools | School Merchant Account

Are you in need of credit card processing services for your school, college or university? Allow The Transaction Group (TTG) to assist.

Today, cash and check payments are quickly becoming a thing of the past and the ability to pay by credit card is a convenience that most people expect. However, organizations are also realizing the benefits of credit card processing and are opting to set up merchant account services as an operational convenience.

Even educational organizations, including both public and private schools, are utilizing credit card processing services as a means to collect school fees such as registration and tuition. Various other education expenses like books, school lunches, field trips, school merchandise, and homecoming or prom tickets can be easily handled through online credit card processing. 

Benefits of TTG Merchant Account Solutions

For over a decade, TTG has been aiding organizations with merchant account services, often at lower rates and fees than other credit card processors.

Together with our network of banking partners, we are able quickly approve most educational institutions for merchant accounts. With our experience and industry knowledge, we ensure that schools and colleges receive the best payment processing solutions for their individual needs.

In addition to low rates, most schools will be eligible for a free payment gateway setup and the use of a virtual terminal. With a virtual terminal, schools will have the ability to also process credit card transactions face-to-face and accept credit card payments over the phone.

Our online payment gateways incorporate the highest level of security, protecting merchants and consumers from all fraudulent activity.

If you also need an online shopping cart for your school website, we can help with that too. We offer an all-in-one ecommerce solution that includes a merchant account, payment gateway and online shopping cart.

All components are designed to work together, so that your online transactions are smooth and efficient. Funds from online sales are deposited into your bank account within 48 hours.

Apply Today for a Fast Approval

If you are ready to start accepting credit cards at your school or educational institution, click ‘Apply Now’ and complete our easy application. Once we receive it, we will begin working on your fast approval and have your merchant account set up in just a few business days. We look forward to working with you!