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Credit Card Processing Guatemala | Merchant Account Services

The Transaction Group (TTG) and our banking partners offer credit card processing services to most ecommerce businesses in Guatemala. If you have an online Guatemalan business and need to get set up to take credit cards, TTG is your solution.

We have 10 years of merchant account industry experience and have helped many businesses in many countries set up the right credit card processing solution for their specific needs. Let us find the best solution for your business in Guatemala.


In addition to our low rates, our merchant account services come with benefits not offered by other credit card processors. Most Guatemalan businesses will receive:

  • A Quick & Easy Approval
  • A Free Payment Gateway Setup
  • No Reserves (other processors withhold as much as 25% each month)
  • A Virtual Terminal (for face-to-face & phone processing)

New Businesses, Small Businesses & High Risk Businesses

We know it can be difficult for some businesses to get approved for merchant accounts, especially new businesses, small/ low volume businesses and high-risk businesses. Together with our banking partners, we regularly approve these businesses.

All-in-One Ecommerce Solutions

Our all-in-one ecommerce solutions are ideal for new businesses that do not already have an online shopping cart system. This complete solution includes the merchant account, payment gateway and online shopping cart. All components in our complete solution are designed to work together, ensuring an easy checkout process for your customers. Learn about our complete ecommerce solutions here.

Start Today!

Ready to take credit card payments online from your customers? Simply click ‘Apply Now’. We can have your business in Guatemala set up with credit card processing in just a few business days.


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