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Credit Card Processing HCG Diet Drops & Pills | Merchant Account

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet was discovered over 50 years ago, but is just now becoming mainstream as its positive effects are being proven and reported in the media.

Nutrition retailers are increasing revenue and expanding their market by offering HCG products and other diet pills for sale online and accepting payment from customers via an online credit card processing account.

If you have a nutrition or health food store and are in need of a merchant account that allows the sale of HCG diet drops, The Transaction Group (TTG) can help. TTG provides solutions to all types of businesses including nutrition retailers requiring credit card processing for HCG products and diet pills.

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TTG has been providing merchant account solutions since 2004. We are able to set up virtually any type of business, but prefer to specialize in our area of expertise; namely, high risk merchant accounts.

We are well versed in the high risk merchant account requirements and know that getting set up can be an overwhelming task. Let us make it easier for you.

Like your commitment to your customers and their healthy living, we have a commitment to our merchants. We are in business to best serve our merchants and therefore take the time to understand your specific needs:

•    Face-to-face card swiped transactions
•    Ecommerce solutions
•    Wireless and smartphone card processing
•    Bad credit and no credit approvals
•    High volume or low volume

At TTG, we’ll let you know what to expect regarding all rates and fees and get you set up with credit card processing for HCG related products fast and easy. Our unique worldwide banking relationships allow us to set up merchant accounts for diet pills and HCG drops at the lowest rates available.

What a TTG Merchant Account Means to You

•    Increased Revenues (up to 20%)
•    Convenience to You and Your Customers
•    Fast and Easy Approval and Set Up
•    International Processing
•    Competitively Low Rates

Risk Factors for HCG Diet Businesses

Banks have two categories that are used as the starting point in determining the processing rates for a business: Low risk and high risk. The primary factor in risk classification is the business model. The business model consists of:

•    Products and services offered
•    Pricing for products and services
•    Marketing and promotional procedures
•    Shipping and delivery specifics
•    Customer support and service availability
•    Return and refund policies

Like the diet and nutritional supplement business, credit card processing for HCG diet pills falls into the high risk category. In addition to the business model, there are other important variables that banks consider.

Statistically, there is a higher likelihood for charge backs for these businesses. Processing banks that exceed the amount of charge backs permitted by Visa and MasterCard can be hit with hefty fees. Processors, therefore, spread this risk over merchants in this category by imposing higher rates.

The Importance of Processing History

If you are just getting set up with a HCG merchant account for the first time and so have no processing history, you will have higher rates at first. Developing a positive processing history is important in negotiating better rates in the future.

Having an unfavorable processing history can be worse than having no processing history. With an excessive amount of charge backs by customers, a merchant can be placed on the TMF or Terminated Merchant File. A merchant on the TMF will have a difficult time removing its name from the list and will face a challenge in obtaining a new merchant account.

A merchant with an unfavorable history can also expect to pay high rates until a more favorable processing history is established. Establishing a positive processing history will allow a merchant some leverage in negotiating better rates.

Get Started Now

1) If you already have a HCG diet pill merchant account and are shopping for better rates, we may be able to save you as much as 20% on processing fees. All that we need is one recent processing statement to conduct a full rate analysis. Simply email your statement to sales@thetransactiongroup.net or fax it to 312-896-5628. We’ll follow up in 1 business day with a customized rate plan and with the calculation of your estimated monthly savings.

2) If this will be your first merchant account allowing you to access credit card processing for HCG diet drops, or for more information, click the appropriate link below:

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