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Credit Card Processing in Florida | FL Merchant Accounts

Carrying on business in Florida? The Transaction Group (“TTG”) delivers debit and credit card processing in Florida to suit pretty much all types of organizations and businesses (even most high risk businesses).

Regardless if you run your business virtually on the Internet, from your own shop, or even at mobile or portable sites, you’ll find we have FL merchant account services to suit your needs.

Why should you use TTG for your Florida credit card processing needs?

Well, in contrast to nearly all of the other merchant services firms, TTG charges no up front or application form fees, nor do we mandate that you pay a minimum monthly payment. In addition, The Transaction Group does not expect your business to commit to a long-term written contract. This means that you may choose to end your Florida merchant account down the road, without being required to fork out any kind of termination penalty.

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TTG is able to help businesses situated all around Florida, for example the municipalities of Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Tallahassee, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Port St. Lucie, Brandon, Clearwater, Cape Coral, Coral Springs, Hollywood, Palm Bay, Gainesville,  plus many more.

Retail Industry Merchants

Operate a traditional store or office within Florida? We offer plenty of in person charge card processing alternatives when it comes to those who do business in a retail environment.
If you are seeking a card machine, our new card terminals allow for multiple hookup variants, such as dial up, high speed digital and ethernet. To find out more with regards to the various types of merchant account terminals TTG can provide, as well as their unique attributes, head to our Point of Sale Equipment webpage.

Internet Businesses

The Transaction Group can set up your ecommerce store with a web based merchant card account and online processing gateway, allowing you to process Visa or Mastercard transactions from your online shop within a real-time, secure platform.

Our FL merchant accounts ecommerce offerings also contain a virtual terminal component. This means that you as a retailer are also able to take offline orders in person, or through phone sales. We offer 3 transaction gateways – each one has distinctive benefits, works with the large majority of shopping carts, and in addition allows custom programming as you may require. Have a look at our On line Credit Card Merchant Account web page for more information.

Wireless Processing Equipment

Does your business require you to journey all over Florida? Because if you do, or if you need the option to process credit charge cards while away from your retail store or business office, TTG should be able to help you.

We furnish wireless equipment that will connect you by means of mobile or Wi-Fi network systems. A number of them even provide dual capability, which makes it possible for you to make use of the equipment inside your Florida office or store, but also bring it with you while on the road as required. To read more head over to the Mobile Processing web page.

Iphone/Smartphone Credit Card Processing

These days nearly everybody in Florida has got a smartphone. When it comes to retailers who do not enjoy a whole lot of card processing volume, employing your smart phone to be able to process credit cards can be a very ‘smart’, as well as inexpensive, processing option. TTG offers credit card swipe along with keyed smart phone credit card processing solutions. You can go to our Smartphone Card Processing page to learn more.

Merchant Accounts for High-Risk Businesses

For quite a few merchants, acquiring a FL card processing provider is certain to be a great deal more of a struggle as compared to most other businesses. Here at TTG we can locate high risk merchant services for the majority of such Florida organizations and businesses.

The following are just a few of the kinds of high risk business enterprises that we can help set up with Florida credit card processing solutions: merchants with a bad credit history; adult products & services; credit restoration services; network marketing; e-cigarette sales; travel operations; dating web sites; event ticketing; and many, many more.

For additional information with regard to the Florida high-risk establishments we’re able to assist, check-out the High Risk Merchant Accounts webpage.

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