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Credit Card Processing in North Carolina | NC Merchant Accounts

Operating a business in North Carolina?

The Transaction Group provides credit card processing services for all types of businesses in North Carolina. Whether you operate your business online, through a retail outlet, or from mobile locations, we have NC merchant accounts to meet your needs.  We also have excellent credit processing solutions for high risk businesses.

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eCommerce Businesses

Selling online is a great way to expose your business to potential customers that don’t live near your location in North Carolina. The Transaction Group can set up your business with an internet merchant account and online payment gateway, so you can process credit card transactions on your website in a real-time, secure environment.

Our eCommerce payment solutions include a virtual terminal feature so merchants are also able to process offline transactions from face to face or phone orders. We offer 3 payment gateways – each have unique features, are compatible with most shopping carts and support custom programming if needed. Visit our internet merchant account page for more information.

Retail Businesses

Operate a traditional brick and motor business in NC? We offer multiple card present credit card processing solutions for merchants that do business face to face.

If you’re looking for a credit card terminal, our credit card terminals support multiple connection types such as: dial-up, high speed digital and Ethernet. For more information about the different types of merchant account terminals we sell and their unique functions visit our POS terminals page.

Smartphone | IPhone Credit Card Processing

Everybody in North Carolina has a smart phone these days and for good reason: they’re so functional. For merchants that don’t do a lot of credit card volume, using your smartphone to process credit cards can be a very “smart” and cost effective credit card processing solution. We offer card swipe and keyed smart phone credit card processing options. Visit our Smart Phone, IPhone Credit Card Processing page for more information.

Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Does your business require you to travel around the state of North Carolina? If you have a mobile business, or need the ability to process credit cards away from your store, we can help.  We offer wireless terminals that can connect via wireless or Wi-Fi network.

Some even support dual functionality, which allows you to use it at your NC location and take it on the go if needed. For more information visit our wireless credit card terminals page.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

For some businesses, obtaining a merchant account can be more of a challenge than for others. We offer high risk merchant accounts for businesses in North Carolina that fit into that category.

Here are just of the few of the types of higher risk businesses we work with.

•    Travel industry merchant services – travel club and tour operators
•    Timeshare & real-estate advertising merchant services
•    Medical marijuana credit card processing – dispensaries, doctors and other industry related businesses
•    Investment programs – clubs, opportunities, and investment seminars
•    Credit card processing for used car dealers
•    Online membership club merchant accounts – any type of recurring billing such as professional/personal development, online seminars, tutoring, coaching, discount clubs, etc.

For more information and a complete list of the high risk type of businesses we work with in NC, visit our high risk merchant accounts page.

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