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Credit Card Processing Japan | Japanese Business Merchant Account

Since 2004, The Transaction Group (TTG) has been serving the online business community with merchant account solutions. Through our commitment to our merchants, we have established a reputation as a Global industry leader. With our strong banking relationships, we have the unique ability to secure low credit card processing rates in countries throughout the World, including Japan.

At TTG, we have helped thousands of businesses go live with their e-commerce business endeavors and effectively process customer payments for purchases both domestically and internationally.

If you are in need of a merchant account for your Japanese online business, trust in TTG to help you operate more efficiently and cost effectively. We will take the time to understand your individual business goals, and develop a customized solution based on your needs.

When it comes to choosing a credit card processing provider, there are many options and varying pricing. Selecting the best solution can often be challenging. Some providers, even banks located in Japan, may quote you low rates making it seem like the best deal, but fail to mention numerous hidden fees. Getting out of a contract is not easy. There are typically harsh penalties for attempting to escape a contract that is unfavorable to your business.

Online Shopping Carts for Businesses in Japan

We also provide online shopping carts. Depending on the requirements of your online store, we have the ideal online shopping cart for your needs.

1ShoppingCart offers a system that is far more than just a shopping cart. Their system is loaded with features such as Smart Phone tracking and reporting, merchandising and marketing tools and ROI tools. These are features that can actually help you grow your business.

Our second partner, CartManager, offers basic online shopping carts that will suit the needs of most small businesses. If you simply require a reliable low cost solution that can handle all the transactions for your online store, CartManager is for you.

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The Transaction Group. An Excellent Choice.

We are able to set up virtually any legally operating online business in Japan with a payment processing solution. Whether your business does low monthly volume, has high ticket transactions, or falls into the category considered high risk by banking institutions, we can help.

We set our company apart from our competitors through our continued strive for excellence. We want our merchants to be confident and comfortable with the solutions we provide, and therefore, we do things differently.

We understand that our success is built upon our many satisfied customers and look forward to continuing to serve and satisfy new customers. Our merchants enjoy low rates and are not locked into long-term contracts or hit with early termination fees.

If you currently have a credit card processing solution for your Japanese business and are looking for a better rate, or if you’re just getting your business started, we’d be glad to work with you.

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