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Credit Card Processing Private Investigators & Detectives

At TTG, we’ve helped thousands of small businesses establish credit card processing services, including private investigators and detectives.

Do you operate a business that specializes in investigative services and need a merchant account solution to process payments other than cash and checks? If you are a private investigator or detective, you know very well that your clients expect the best. When it comes to your interests, you should accept no less. Give The Transaction Group a try and go with the best.

With TTG, you’ll enjoy the lowest rates in the industry. You won’t be locked into a long-term contract or hit with unnecessary or hidden fees. Our fast and easy application and approval process can have your merchant account set up in a little as 48 hours!

When it comes to credit card processing services for private investigators, there are a few options. Deciding which solution is best is rather simple. It really comes down to how you manage your business.

If you operate out of an office and have clients visit your office to hire your services, a traditional terminal may suffice. This solution will enable you to accept payments by swiping your clients’ cards through a reader attached to your computer.

A popular option among investigators and detectives is mobile credit card processing. This solution offers the convenience of swiping your customers’ card through a reader attached to your iPhone or other smartphone. If your car is your office or you frequently call on your clients at their homes or designated locations, a mobile solution will work great.

Although less common among investigative services companies, ecommerce credit card processing is another option. If you rely on your website to generate leads for your business, setting up an online merchant account can allow your clients to hire your services and enable them to make down payments right on your website.

If you already have a merchant account and are looking to save money, give TTG a try. Send a recent statement to sales@thetransactiongroup.net and we will put together a RATE ANALYSIS for FREE, detailing how we can save you as much as 20% on your current rates and fees.

Start your application now by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button. Need to speak with someone directly? Give us a call. We look forward to working with you!

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