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Credit Card Processing Shuttle & Limo Transportation Services

limo merchant accountAre you looking to accept credit cards at your transportation services business and are interested in a reliable, 1st class payment solution? Let The Transaction Group (TTG) set you up with credit card processing for your shuttle or limo service.

Since 2004, TTG has been assisting all types of businesses with their merchant account needs. We’ve set up businesses throughout the world with the ability to take card payments, including many shuttle and limousine companies. With our low rates, we’ve saved them lots of money on annual processing costs and aim to save your business money too! 

‘Cash only’ businesses are a thing of the past. These days, people prefer the convenience that debit and credit cards deliver, especially when paying for higher ticket purchases such as hired transportation services.

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Don’t miss out on potential sales or allow your drivers to be shorted the gratuity they deserve simply because your clients do not have enough cash on hand and you don’t have a credit card processing solution.

Transportation & Limousine Services Merchant Accounts

There are several merchant account options for your shuttle, limo, or transportation company. We can assist in determining which solution is best for your specific needs, but the options are pretty straightforward.

There’s no question that the Internet has become the main source for information on this planet. Finding services such as shuttle transportation or limousines is made easy through the use of the web.

For this reason, many transportation service companies are relying on their websites to book new and existing clients and are experiencing huge boosts in sales.

The use of e-commerce credit card processing on a transportation company’s website allows customers to easily book a reservation and conveniently pay through an online shopping cart and payment gateway.

In instances where customers book a seat on a shuttle at the last minute, or a client needs to pay the balance on a limo tab, a mobile credit card processing solution is ideal.

With mobile processing, shuttle and limousine drivers can take card payments through a device attached to a Smartphone, and the client’s receipt can be easily e-mailed to him (or her).

With a merchant account for your transportation business, you are not only simplifying your business’ accounting procedures but also protecting your business from employee theft. In addition, you are also protecting your employees, as carrying large amounts of cash can be dangerous. A credit card processing solution for your shuttle and limo service will reduce your drivers’ cash on hand, making them less of a target for robbery – and result in less of a loss, should one occur.

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