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Credit Card Processing Team Sports | Sport Leagues Merchant Account

Recreational athletic leagues that typically accept only cash and checks can offer additional payment solutions to individual players and teams by setting up a merchant account.  Debit and credit card processing for team sports offers a convenient payment alternative for membership signups for youth and adult recreational sports.

At the Transaction Group (TTG) we set up merchant accounts for intramural sports leagues and clubs at the lowest rates available.  If your organization is in need of a payment processing solution, look no further.

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Don’t let one of our processing ‘opponents’ sneak one by you and lock you into an unfavorable contract before discussing ‘the play’ with us.  We’ll coach you through the merchant account process and get you in the game with the right solution for your needs.  We’re on your team – and we only win when you are happy and processing with a customized sports credit card processing solution that we set up for you.

There are a number of different options available for your athletic league merchant account.  If your organization handles player and team registration via your website, an online e-commerce style solution will be best.  You’ll be able to process credit cards through a secure payment gateway, process recurring payments when necessary, and sell merchandise – all while simplifying your accounting practices.

If your organization has a need for a mobile payment processing solution, there are other options available.  A wireless terminal will offer some mobility and can be used to make face-to-face swiped transactions at sporting matches and events, but requires a wireless Internet connection.  Smart phone credit card processing is a fully mobile solution that can handle swiped transactions from the playing field and even the beach volleyball court.

Not only are you providing a service to players, you’re also helping your bottom line. Organizations that we’ve set up with credit card processing for their intramural sports have reported increases of as much as 25% in revenue from membership signups and merchandise sales.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the number of teams and players you are registering, TTG can help.

TTG has the knowledge and experience as well as the banking relationships to get your organization set up with the best solution at the lowest rates available.

Organizations that have only a cash or check payment policy are sitting on the sidelines, riding the bench.  Get in the game with a sports league merchant account.  Click the link below or call us today!

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