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Credit Card Processing Turkey | Turkish Merchant Accounts

The Transaction Group (TTG) is an international merchant services provider that assists businesses throughout the world in setting up credit card processing, including businesses in Turkey.

With our global network of banking partners, we are able to quickly approve most legally operating businesses with merchant accounts at the most competitive rates available.

If you need a merchant account for your online Turkish business, allow TTG to save you money in annual processing fees.

At TTG, we work with all business types. We have worked with many businesses that are in the high risk category such as:

  • Online Pharmacies
  • Online Gaming & Gambling
  • PC & IT Technical Support
  • Ebooks & Software Retailers
  • Adult Products & Services
  • Herbal & Diet Supplements
  • FOREX (Foreign Exchange Trading)
  • Debt Collection Services

If you are just starting your ecommerce business and have low projected monthly sales volume, we can help. While most processing companies are not interested in working with new businesses with low volume, TTG is. Our banking partners gladly set up merchant accounts for businesses in Turkey with less than $100,000 in monthly volume.

Our merchant account is paired with a highly secure payment gateway that will protect your Turkish business from fraudulent credit card activity. We also offer online shopping carts for ecommerce businesses. Basic, low cost shopping carts from our partner, Cartmanager, and a robust solution for higher volume businesses from 1ShoppingCart.

Click Here to Apply for a Basic Solution with Cartmanager.

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Your business will have the ability to process major credit cards from customers in most countries throughout the world. Funds from your online sales are deposited into your bank account in 48 hours.

Click ‘Apply Now’ to start your credit card processing application for your business in Turkey. We look forward to helping you save money in your annual processing fees.

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