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DialPay Processing

Dial Pay – No longer the simplest form of processing credit cards.

dial pay vs. smartphone credit card processing

Are you using Dial Pay? Are you looking for something better? Try our alternative smartphone card processing solutions!

At The Transaction Group, we are a credit card processing solutions provider that is focused on delivering merchant account solutions at the right prices.

Since opening our doors in 2004, we’ve developed a strong network of banking relationships both in the U.S. and offshore.

Through our banking partners we are able to offer multitude of merchant services to meet the needs of all businesses.

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However, we realize that in today’s face-paced business environment, mobile merchant services are the fastest growing segment. Small businesses owners demand competitively priced, mobile and easy to use solutions.

Dial Pay Services

In the past, one of our most popular card processing products for small businesses was Dial Pay. Not only was it easy to use, but very affordable to budget conscious small business owners.

The DialPay service enabled small businesses to take credit card payments without the need to purchase or lease expensive merchant account terminals or point of sale (POS) equipment.

Credit card transactions could be instantly authorized and electronically processed using any touchtone phone, including pay phones.

The Smartphone Credit Card Processing Solution

While Dial Pay has been a viable solution for many years, technology has introduced more robust card processing solutions with the use of a smartphone and even a tablet.

Now, The Transaction Group offers a smartphone credit card processing solutions that is very similar to Square and PayPal, but has lower rates and fees.

In fact, our solution is currently the lowest cost smartphone solution available, and is loaded with features not available from competing companies, including Square:

  • FREE credit card swiper (5 colors available)
  • 25% swipe rate
  • No monthly processing fee
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Compatible with iOS & Android devices

how it works

Ideal for brick and mortar stores as well as event and tradeshow processing, our versatile smartphone credit card processing solution was also designed to be secure, reliable and user-friendly.

Once approved, business owners can simply download and install the app, plug in the dongle or swiper to the audio jack of a mobile phone or tablet and start taking credit card payments!

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If you’re still using Dial Pay and interested in an inexpensive yet more advanced phone transaction processing solution, ‘Apply Now’ to complete our short pre-application. If you have questions or would like immediate assistance, call us at 888-383-8056.

Our easy application and approval process will have your business set up with a low cost smartphone credit card processing solution in just a few business days! We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business prosper.

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