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Ecommerce Website Solutions for Online Stores

Are you looking for an all-in-one ecommerce solution for your website’s online store? The Transaction Group (TTG) has got you covered.

We offer complete e-commerce services for US and international businesses at low rates and fees. Save yourself time, money and frustration with a TTG solution for your website.

If you are just starting your web store, we can even build a website that meets the requirements of your online store, and then outfit it with a payment gateway and online shopping cart. Click the banner below to get started.


At TTG, we understand how challenging it can be for some businesses to get approved for merchant accounts. Processors can be hesitant in accepting applications from new businesses or low volume businesses, simply because the expected return is not worth their time. At TTG, we are happy to work with all businesses.

For online stores located outside the United States, it’s increasingly difficult to get set up with credit card processing services.

Many credit card processors unfairly associate international businesses with the element of higher risk. Merchant account approvals can take weeks, if approved at all.

In addition, most international credit card processors require the use of their payment gateways for security purposes. For merchants that already have an online shopping cart for their web store, it is likely that the processor’s payment gateway will be non-compatible.

Our all-in-one ecommerce system was designed so that all elements of an online store work together seamlessly and all credit card transactions on a merchant’s website take place in real-time.

TTG’s e-commerce program has benefits that are not provided by any other credit card processing services provider. For most businesses, the benefits for US and international online stores include:

  • Fast Approvals (sometimes even the same business day)
  • No reserve requirements (some processors withhold 25% monthly)
  • Free setup (most processors charge set up fees)
  • No contracts (most processors have early termination penalties)

Also included with our ecommerce solution for no additional cost is a feature that most processors do not offer: a virtual terminal. With a virtual terminal, merchants have the ability not only to process credit cards in their online store, but also take credit card payments from customers over the phone and face-to-face.


Individual Ecommerce Services for Online Stores

If you only need one of our services, we can provide each individually as well.

Does your online store only need a merchant account? For most businesses, our merchant accounts and payment gateways include the same benefits listed above. We can even quickly approve high-risk businesses for a credit card processing solutions.

Apply of A Merchant Account Here

Does your web store only need an Internet shopping cart? We have partnered with two online shopping cart providers so that the needs of all businesses are covered. One of our partners offers an extremely robust shopping cart full of advanced features and priced at 3 different tiers. Another partner offers a reliable cart with a few extras at a low price.

Review Our Shopping Cart Options Here


No matter what the needs of your online store are, TTG would be happy to help. For fast approvals on an all-in-one ecommerce solution, click the banner below. For individual services, click the links above. We look forward to helping your business succeed.




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