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Electronic Checks (E-Check) High Risk Payment Processing

e check 21 payment processingHigh risk payment processing is made easy with electronic checks (e-checks) from The Transaction Group (TTG)! And, the cost is lower than typical high-risk merchant account rates and fees!

If you own or manage a business that the banks classify as high-risk, you’re probably aware that getting approved for a high risk merchant account can be very difficult. The process of finding providers, completing lengthy applications, waiting and then ultimately being declined can be taxing.

Customers want to buy your products or services, but unless you’re willing to pay extremely high rates and be burdened with the risk of an offshore merchant account, you’re sort of out luck with a traditional merchant account solution.

Here’s the good news. With TTG’s e-check program, there’s no need for a merchant account! This domestic payment processing solution is ideal for all businesses, especially high risk industries that sell products or services online.

Our electronic check program (also known as check 21) is a unique paperless checking solution that allows customers make payments for purchases via their bank account rather than with a credit card. All the customer needs is their bank name and account and routing numbers to complete the transactions.

Merchants will receive funds from sales as early as the same day. E-checks clear in as little as 2 business days. When the e-check clears, the order can be processed and forwarded to the customer right away.

This Electronic checks solution is a great merchant account alternative for all high risk businesses including:

  • Adult products & services
  • CBD (cannabidiol) oil
  • Collection agents
  • Fantasy sports
  • Medical marijuana delivery services
  • Nutraceuticals & supplements
  • Online gambling & gaming
  • PC tech support
  • Vaporizer (vapes)

Customer credit card chargebacks are historically common among high risk businesses. With even just a few chargebacks, a business can have their funds seized and merchant account terminated. With e-checks, chargebacks are non-existent!

Your time is valuable. No longer will it be wasted searching for a credit card processor that will approve your business type. Approvals for our e-check solution are fast and easy!

Call us today at 888-383-8056 to find out about the low rates and fees for our e-check payment processing solution and how it can work for your high risk business.

We look forward to helping your business succeed.

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