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Electronic Cigarette Merchant Services | E Cig Accounts

Are you in need of e-cig merchant services for your business? You’ve come to the right place. Here at The Transaction Group (TTG), we have an exclusive relationship with a domestic bank allowing us to offer rates far lower than any processing company.

If you are just getting your e cig business started and need to accept debit and credit cards, or are established and doing high volume, look no further. With a TTG electronic cigarette merchant account, you’ll save hundreds of dollars in your annual credit card processing fees!

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Despite the low risk of e cigarettes and their use as a safe substitute for tobacco products, the electronic cigarette industry has been classified as high risk by banking institutions.

Due to this stipulation, e cig merchants have been forced to pay rates as high as 8% for merchant accounts! This is 3 times the average for a low risk e-commerce merchant. In addition, some processors tack on high monthly or semi-annual fees.

Unreasonably high rates and fees eat into your margin and can make you wonder if being an e-cig retailer is really worth it. We feel your pain and want to help. We want your business to not only survive, but to thrive.

TTG has many options for your business:

  • Wireless – ideal for kiosks and tradeshows
  • Smart Phone – ideal for swiping cards remotely
  • E-commerce – ideal for online retailers

We’ll help you decide which option(s) are best for accepting payments at your ecig business. In addition to our unmatched rates, there is no set up or application fee. No long-term contracts and never any hidden fees. We also welcome applications from merchants that have poor credit.

To get set up with e cig merchant services and start accepting credit cards at your business today, click ‘Apply Now’!