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Credit Card Processing Equipment

The Transaction Group provides the highest quality point-of-sale credit card processing equipment.

The Transaction Group has a variety of countertop payment terminals to meet the needs of merchants everywhere. From payment only, to advanced EMV and multi-application devices, all of our credit card processing equipment is designed with the merchant in mind – they are compact, easy to install and easy to use. All feature a large ATM-style display and an integrated fast thermal printer. And because they’re from The Transaction Group, they’ve been built to last, so you can buy with confidence.

All equipment we sell is new, unless specifically noted as used or refurbished equipment. All equipment is covered by the original manufacturer warranty.

If you are looking for a specific hardware or software solution to process credit cards, contact us at 888-782-6972.

View our most popular credit card processing equipment below:

VeriFone Vx570 The VeriFone Vx570 countertop solution offers exceptional payment processing and significantly
reduces transaction time. The VX 570 combines superior speed and performance with support
for value-added applications and EMV smart card transactions. In addition to dial connectivity,
the VX 570 also offers an option that provides both Ethernet and dial communications. Dial
connectivity can be used today, then switched to Ethernet at any time without added cost or
inconvenience. Or merchants with broadband service already installed can immediately process payments through this always-on connection.

verifone-vx510 Verifone Vx510
The VeriFone® Vx 510 is an ideal choice if you are looking for a lightweight, ergonomic terminal that can be handed over to your customers for PIN entry. The Vx 510 supports high-speed (Internet Protocol, or IP) connectivity with dial backup. It is a terminal that requires virtually no training and reduces costly errors with a backlit display, easy-to-read menu prompts and intuitive ATM-style interface.

nurit-2085 Nurit 2085
A complete payment management tool in an all-in-one package for fast, hassle-free transactions. Built for reliability and performance with a contemporary look that would complement almost any retail store environment and includes large viewable buttons and a clear screen making it easy for merchants to read and navigate through the easy to use functions. Restaurant owners that require a tip function find this machine to be exactly what they are looking for.

nurit-8020 Nurit 8020
A wireless terminal supported with up-to-date network communications gives the merchant the connection they need to process secure and reliable transactions on the go. This terminal features state of the art technology that offers a touch screen interface while still remaining compact in design. The Nurit 8000 screen can capture and process digital signatures so that the merchant doesn’t need to carry around messy paper rolls.

dejavoo-x5 Dejavoo X Line
Dejavoo’s X Line of terminals allows users to securely access a broad set of new applications. Dejavoo features unrivalled connectivity with its Front End Ware (FEW) OEM server to facilitate constant ongoing communication between Dejavoo terminals and various back end applications improving satisfaction and customer retention.