If you have a business that offers Ethereum (eth) or other cryptocurrencies for sale, you’re going to need a reliable credit card processing solution. The Transaction Group (TTG) can help.

TTG is a merchant account solutions provider based in the United States. Since opening our doors in 2004, we’ve assisted thousands of businesses with their payment processing needs. We have the ability to serve businesses of all types and sizes, but we specialize in delivering high-risk merchant accounts to businesses in high-risk industries, such as Ethereum cryptocurrency brokers.

In our work with many high-risk businesses in the US, we have come to understand the challenges that these businesses face in getting set up with reliable credit card processing services. The truth is that high-risk businesses face much more scrutiny in underwriting than low-risk businesses by the processing companies and banks.

It’s unfortunate that large banks and payment processing companies choose not to offer services to these high-risk businesses. Many high-risk businesses apply for solutions only to wait extended periods of time, ultimately receiving a rejection of their application. Without knowing beforehand whether or not a bank is willing to work with your business can be a large waste of your time.

At TTG, we are partnered with banks and credit card processing companies that gladly accept brokers of Ethereum cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re a broker selling online or conducting face-to-face sales through a physical location, we have the right merchant account solutions for your business.

Here are the solution highlights:

  • Accept major credit & debit cards & electron
  • IC check
  • Online & customer-facing solutions
  • Online reporting

With our fast approval and easy setup process, as well as our competitive merchant account rates, TTG is the number one choice for payment processing services for many Ethereum and other cryptocurrency brokers.

If you’re a crypto broker, you can get a credit card processing solution for selling Ethereum (eth) and other cryptocurrencies with no hassle from TTG. Contact TTG today at 888-383-8056 and we’ll start working on getting you approved and set up as quickly as possible. We look forward to working with you and helping your business excel.