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FireFan Interactive Sports Games App for Fans on Fire!

interactive sports app Do you get fired up, jump to your feet and scream at the refs as if you were on the sidelines in the stadium rather than in your cozy living room yelling at the tv?

Although an interesting breed, your kind is not rare. You’re a Super Fan, also known as a Fan on Fire!

Now, there’s an Interactive Sports App Game created specifically you and your kind. It’s called the FireFan app. This unique, interactive sports app creates a whole new dynamic to watching professional sports games and matches.
Into NFL fantasy? FanDuel & DraftKings ‘got nothin’ on this new app. This is fantasy on steroids! Well, sports fun-enhancing technology anyway. FireFan delivers a whole new experience in which the Player has the ability to interact with other fans watching the same game or match somewhere else in the country or even world.

Fans become Players by downloading the app. Once logged into the app, Players are able to make predictions on just about any scenario during game play and place bets with tokens rather than real money.

It’s like online gambling on sports, but not really. It’s legal. Tokens that are won can later be turned in for prizes. So, play, win stuff, and earn bragging rights!

Initially, the FireFan app will allow Players to place bets on NFL football games. NBA basketball and other sports, including worldwide football (soccer), will be introduced sometime soon.

Want to learn more? Check it out here!

Ready to get in the game? Click here to sign up!


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