Florida marijuana dispensary credit card processing

Florida Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing

Set up a seamless payment solution with The Transaction Group (TTG), your trusted partner for credit card processing services for your Florida marijuana dispensary. Since our inception in 2004, we’ve been unwavering in our commitment to assisting businesses with their payment processing needs. 

What sets TTG apart from other merchant account services providers is our expertise in working with high-risk industries. While many merchant account companies only work with low-risk businesses, we’re happy to work with businesses of all types in all industries, including the cannabis industry. We take immense pride in being renowned as a top choice by many dispensaries throughout the country. 

At TTG, we understand the struggles faced by cannabis businesses over the years, especially the challenges associated with banking and merchant services. Due to this fact, we know that many businesses continue to operate as cash-only businesses. Operating solely in cash poses significant risks, and we firmly believe in offering better alternatives. That’s where TTG steps in.

While many businesses in this industry might not be aware of the alternatives beyond cash transactions, TTG is here to change that. Since 2011, we’ve been providing reliable payment solutions to medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in the United States. If you have a marijuana dispensary in Florida, TTG can set your business up with a credit card processing solution in as little as 5 business days.

With TTG’s solution in place, dispensaries can effortlessly process credit card payments in person, through text, over the phone, and online. We even support popular options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This approach not only benefits dispensaries but also enhances the customer experience, as it does not inconvenience the customer with the need to carry large amounts of cash or necessitate a trip to the ATM prior to visiting the store.

Dispensaries using TTG’s services appreciate the absence of processing fees. Without these traditional merchant account processing fees, a dispensary can potentially save thousands of dollars per month. Dispensary owners with a debit or credit card processing solution in place also typically see an increase in sales revenue, as customers often spend 15% more on purchases when given the option to pay by card.

Establishing credit card processing services for your marijuana dispensary in Florida is now easier than ever. Our streamlined application and approval procedures, coupled with expedited shipping of plug-and-play equipment, ensure that dispensaries can start accepting card payments within days.

By choosing TTG’s merchant services, dispensaries can look forward to:

  • Accepting major credit and debit cards effortlessly
  • Enabling payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Processing payments seamlessly via text or phone
  • Enjoying a low-cost solution with no processing fees
  • No holdbacks or reserves, ensuring financial freedom
  • Access to online reporting for better insights
  • Optional banking services tailored to your needs

Whether you’re launching a new Florida marijuana dispensary or have established retail stores in cities like Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, or Orlando, we’re here to assist you in setting up the best credit card processing solution for your business. Contact us today at 888-383-8056.