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High Risk Business Loans | Capital Funding & Financing

With today’s economic volatility, lenders are more cautious about providing capital funding for certain ‘higher risk’ business types. The definition of high risk businesses is interpreted differently among banks – with the result that some businesses that would normally be considered low risk find it difficult to be approved for business loans.

If you have an online store or ecommerce business, it’s likely you fall into this high-risk category. Also, restaurants, convenience stores, and specific products like e-cigarettes are high risk. Even accountants, lawyers and dentists have been given this label and can have a difficult time getting a business loan.

At The Transaction Group (TTG) we understand how frustrating it can be for high-risk business types to receive the financing they need. And if approved, there are often very strict guidelines on how the funds may be used.

TTG’s High-Risk Business Loan Program

Business-Cash-AdvanceTTG and our funding partners have developed a business loan program to make it easier for small businesses that are considered higher risk by other lenders to receive working capital.

We are not a traditional lender and therefore are able to set our own guidelines. Our loan program operates as a business cash advance. We advance the funding and are paid back by a percentage of future sales of the business. Unlike traditional business loans, there is no set repayment schedule, so you can enjoy unmatched repayment flexibility.

Business owners may allocate funding at their discretion. Whether your purpose is to pay down existing debt, purchase equipment or expand an office, it does not matter to us.

As long as your business has been up and running for at least six months and is located in the United States, it is likely that we can approve you for financing.

We regularly approve business loans to owners with bad credit, tax liens or judgments. Even if your small business has just gone through bankruptcy, we may be able to help.

Our application process is fast and easy. To get started, call us at 888-383-8056 or email sales@thetransactiongroup.net